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  • Hi all,

    I just made the jump to construct2, and I 'm having fun with the new sprite editor, but it feels a bit tight.

    Here are few things i would like to have:

    • resize "by hand" with handles
    • a manual cropping tool
    • make the mirror, flip, rotate and resize functions only apply to the selected area when i use the Rectangle select function
    • a "center of artboard" icon besides the X and Y coordinates to move the origin point directly there
    • layers would be great
    • then transparency
    • create a palette of colours and save it (to make them common to a whole layout/project)

    Christmas is coming soon, right?

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  • Halloween too ...

  • Working on the image editor is very time consuming and we have a very long todo list of other features we're keen to get started on.

    We're not really aiming to replicate Photoshop in the image editor, it's really only there to help you touch up existing images and maybe do a bit of pixel art. So I think things like layers are kind of out of the question. If some of those suggestions are straightforward to add, though, I'll see if I can get them in.

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