Drawn Player Sprite not showing up in Preview

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  • If I draw a sprite for a player, it shows up on layout 1 when I finish using the sprite editor. However, if I preview it in a browser, my sprite isn't there, but if it is an image I copied, then it shows up. And my sprite drawing isn't set to 'invisible'.

    I don't know what to do...

  • It's been an hour can someone please reply, I know you're there...

  • post capx pls kthxbye :)

  • *sigh*

    It's on Mediafire if that's ok.


  • 1. the playerimage sprite is placed outside of window border (the dotted border in the editor) - you need to enlarge it in project properties

    2. the playerimage sprite has platform behavior so it falls down, outside of layout, just as the game is started, because he has no platform to land on

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  • your sprite for the player should always be in the layout at start

    and an hour without an answer is nothing. Nobody here is paid to answer, so you may end up waiting until someone reads it and has an answer to give. Inpatients will not lead to good answers.

  • Thanks. It turned out that it just fell, so I put a platform under and it was fixed.

    But also, how do I enlarge the area on the layout that is actually shown on the browser when you play? It seems to be a quarter of the size.

    Sorry another question... How can I rotate only part of the player sprite, without just cutting the rest out, then rotating, then drawing them back on again?

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