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  • Ashley

    Hey, because I ve got a plenty of interrogations about how the drawing system works (eg add texture from file to a drawn quad, separate colors in a quad, offset system...) I was wondering where can I find a solid documentation about this. I really dont know where to find as well as which keywords to search....

    I already need it for my actual plugins and more yet for the upcommings.


  • There are two modes for plugins to draw in: Canvas 2D and WebGL.

    Canvas 2D is just the ordinary HTML5 canvas with a 2D context.

    WebGL is too difficult to use at a low level so it's wrapped with a C2-specific class called 'GLWrap' - you can see its methods in glwrap.js in the install directory.

    TBH your best bet is to find a similar plugin (e.g. Tiled Background or Sprite) and see how they implement their drawing, and base your plugin off that.

  • Just to be sure, I'm talking about the drawing method directly in edittime, I mean e.g the way of drawing the rectangle with 'ok' inside, of the button plugin in C2.

    Anyway, I already did that (look inside plugins code), but I didn't be able to correctly understand yet how this part is structured.

    For the moment, I understand how to draw one single rectangle, how to set the fill color, how to add text inside.

    Thx Ashley for answering.

  • Oh right I thought you meant the runtime. The edittime is different, it uses the editor's OpenGL renderer through some custom methods that are exposed. It doesn't have many features - only those that are used by all existing plugins. Is there anything you need help with specifically?

  • Yes I do, please.

    Firstly, I would need to know how to do this.

    For this question, I would love to know how to draw either a second rectangle in the same instance, or set two fill color according to x,y.

    I don't know if it's possible.

    See the jpeg I did, it would be easier to understand what I mean.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27157668/construct2/images/comboBox_drawing.jpg" border="0">

    Two other things, but at least one answer will be needed if you want. (both questions I was asking to myself for the same problem)

    I wonder how to draw a circle, instead a quad.


    how to insert an image file, as a texture I guess, in a drawn quad.

    (it could be an image with same dimension than the quad, or e.g an image of 15x15 for a quad of 75x20, it would need to position it after).

    Thanks a lot Ashley

  • A GUI system ? If you make it you'll be famous here :D

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  • PS the links might not work if you click them, if not then copy and paste the link into your browser

  • smitchell they're very good links but apparently not usefull for drawing in edittime.

    what do you mean exactly by a GUI system (examples?)

  • Well no a gui system exactly i meant more controls, more good-looking etc... But there's a distance between runtime and edittime so nice looking controls with css3 would be possible on runtime but not on edittime right now. The idea just poped by seeing your post :)

  • HTML elements pack.

    : you might wanna look this plugin, and also, septeven already released a beta version of his combobox. All in the plugins section.

  • Ah , i forgot about the elements pack. Great work indeed. Thanks for pointing out :)

  • Ashley well, do you think it's possible ?

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