Drag and Drop in Editor to Event sheet

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  • Req: I think a drag and drop feature added to the editor/eventsheet would improve the work flow speed and be major feature improvement in constructor 2, I know I want ir and expect others would welcome it.

    The editor event sheet looks like its a drag and drop to me , I thought it was drag and drop based on its design and I was suprised when it didnt work ,so if we could click on action and drag it to event sheet or condition or any logic object since its already in the layout.

    Cheers Techjunkie

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  • It is drag an drop. As long as you respect the local variables. You can drag/drop actions. You can drag/drop individual conditions. You can drag/drop complete events. You can drag/drop events to make them a sub or a root. You drag/drop objects from the project window in to the layout.

    What am i missing ?

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