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  • <font size="6">Download Construct 2 public preview 45</font>

    Link to release 44

    New this build: an early version of the image editor! This is a joint effort between me and Davo so far.

    <img src="" height="452" width="532" border="0">

    It's not very far done, so first assume it does absolutely nothing at all. Now, here's what it can do:

    • Display the texture being edited.
    • Clear the image to all transparent.
    • Import and export image files in PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF and GIF format. (Note there's a bug in Classic where it doesn't save alpha channels correctly - this is fixed in C2.) I recommend PNG for everything since it's got good lossless compression and alpha channel support!
    • Mirror and flip the image.
    • Crop away transparent edges. This always leaves a 1px transparent border around the image. This will ensure that older graphics cards and browsers which sometimes have "hard" texture edges show them softly still. (I just realised this is annoying for tiled background - I'll turn it off for tiled textures in the next build :P
    • Resize the image canvas. You can align the image top-left, center or have it stretch with the canvas.
    • Toggle the background brightness, in case you're viewing e.g. a white spot with alpha channel.

    That's it! No actual drawing tools yet. These are on the way, as well as support for animations. However, it's a bit quicker than launching an external editor, and hopefully should eliminate the "why is it launching Paint?" headaches.

    Since you can undo texture edits there's also an option to always save when you exit without prompting, to make working a bit faster. There's a checkbox for it in preferences, and in the prompt to save changes in the image editor itself.

    The image editor also uses an OpenGL renderer - watch out for graphics glitches, since this might trip up some drivers. (That can usually be coded around, though.)


    • [Feature] Picture editor
    • [Add] 'Always save' option for the image editor in Preferences.
    • [Change] Sprite: hot spot now defaults to centered, but rounded to the nearest whole pixel in its texture. This should correct some pixel-perfectness issues.
  • Nice work ! Did a quick test and everything worked perfectly

  • Nice! When you get upto doing zooming in, I hope it will be more accurate to use selection tools than C1's (you had to click away from the pixels a bit).

  • yay! looks like fun!

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  • [quote:ctbptmc7]support for animations

    What you have in mind?

    Adding/removing frames and animation preview? that's all we need

    Edit: I have a little request.

    Could you make a possibility to set Hotspot for Text objects?

  • I don't use the image editor in C1 very often, mainly only when I need to tidy things up or create place-holder graphics, but one thing that really annoyed me about the original editor was the tiny colour-selection box.

    Unbelievably small, and ridiculously hard to get the colour you wanted by selection.

    So please learn from this and make it the same size as you'd expect to find in graphics software.


  • Please! Give us exe exporter and shader compatibility! HTML 5 is so slow and crappy imo.

  • Please! Give us exe exporter and shader compatibility! HTML 5 is so slow and crappy imo.

    Before we consider the exe exporter, it's best to make sure the editor is as good as it can be, and we chose HTML5 because it should reach the largest audience and it's a very exciting and emerging technology! We are aware of the demand for an exe exporter, don't worry.

  • Resizing in the image editor after a sprite image has been saved once doesn't change the "Size" of the sprite, i.e.

    1) add sprite,

    2) load image in image editor,

    3) exit and save image, sprite "Size" is set to image's size,

    4) go back in image editor and crop transparent edges or scale image,

    4) save and exit, sprite "Size" doesn't update and sprite is stretched back to original size.

    [Personally I'm here because the HTML5 focus is so ahead of the curve compared to other non-programmer game-making software. Everyone else is flirting with it, but seems to have too much invested in flash or whatever to make such a drastic change.]

  • [quote:1e9dulb1]it's a bit quicker than launching an external editor, and hopefully should eliminate the "why is it launching Paint?" headaches.


  • esizing in the image editor after a sprite image has been saved once doesn't change the "Size" of the sprite

    This was by design, but I suppose it's better if it scales the object proportionally. Will add to the next build...

  • A couple bugs - if you create a text object, then create a sprite and place it so it overlaps the text object, import an image, then resize the window so it is smaller than the image in the editor, depending on which side/corner you resized the window from it does a bunch of weird zooming/adding black borders in various ways and the scroll bars don't work properly.

    If you have the window sized smaller than the image, then save, the resulting sprite will be completely white and it will have messed up the appearance of the text behind it if you drag the sprite out of the way.

  • Whenever I open the sprite editor up, I get this message, then Construct closes-

    <img src="" height="186" width="513" border="0" />

    Which is strange, my graphics card DOES support Pixel Shader 2. My graphics card is Intel(R) G33/G31  Express Chipset Family

    Still, not sure what it means by "render-to-texture" loading sprites via dragging and dropping works fine though.

  • <span ="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 1px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 1px; ">@MelodiousRefraction, have you tried updating your graphics card drivers to the latest version?  It's not to do with pixel shaders, it's to do with OpenGL framebuffer object support.</span>

  • Ashley

    As in taking out my old one and replacing it physically? No, but I have been considering updating my graphics card some day. I won't update them right away since its a beta, and I still use Construct Classic.

    [EDIT]: I'll wait for beta 46, and see if I can update my graphics card from there.

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