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  • Download Construct 2 public preview 44

    Link to release 43

    This is a maintenance release, with some changes and fixes that seemed important.

    Note there are two minor breaking changes: see the changelog for more.


    • [Add] Custom movement: 'Push out at angle' action
    • [Add] Tiled background: 'Hotspot' property. Can select top left or center. Previously center was default, but now top left is, because it makes it a bit easier to size a tiled background to fill the layout. Breaking change: because top-left is the new default, old applications will load tiled backgrounds with the hotspot in the top left. The fix is easy: select any tiled backgrounds, set hot spot back to center, and save.
    • [Change] Tiled background: initial size is now double the size of the texture, so you can see the tiling effect immediately on inserting.
    • [Change] Array: 'For Each Element' now allows you to specify which axes to iterate: X, XY or XYZ. For example, if you have a 3D array and only want to iterate elements in 2D, choose 'XY'. Breaking change: this will make old applications using 'For Each Element' not run the event. They will appear as "For each {0} element". To fix, double click to edit each 'For Each Element' condition in the event sheet, select X, XY or XYZ, and click Done.
    • [Change] The event wizard now remembers parameters when you edit, go back twice, change the object, then select the same action/condition. Previously they reverted back to defaults.
    • [Change] The installer will prompt you to close Construct 2 if it is running. (It will only detect this version and up though, not old versions.)
    • [Change] The installer will prompt you to uninstall an old version of Construct 2 if one is already installed. If you confirm, it will automatically uninstall the old version for you. Note: because it did not do this before, if you installed r43 to a different directory to r42, you now have two installations of Construct 2 on your computer. Before installing this version, I recommend you uninstall C2 via control panel, then manually find any previous installation directories and delete them. Then you can install this build. Otherwise, you might get confused between which version of C2 is really running.
    • [Change] The installer now creates file associations for .capx and .caproj files, to open with the version you are installing. Previously the editor tried to set file associations on startup, but this did not seem to work reliably. The setup-created file associations also work for limited user accounts.
    • [Fix] System conditions 'Every' and 'Compare time' and the Scroll To behavior's 'Shake' action were not affected by the time scale.
    • [Fix] Touch object: had same parallax bug for 'on object touched' and 'is touching object' as Mouse had in the last build - this is now also fixed for touches.
    • [Fix] Rare bug where renaming an event sheet broke includes
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  • Awesome! Though, I just realised that what I'm trying to do with the Custom Movement is impossible anyway without fine collisions, so, basically... Yeah, gonna have to wait until that's released before I can properly test it out. XD

    But, yeah, neat update, even if it's a bit minor.

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