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  • Download Construct 2 public preview 35

    Link to release 34

    Lots new in this build! Firstly, an early version of the Platform behavior! It's not as advanced as the old Classic one, but it should be fun to play with. Try an online demo here (.capx file here). Don't forget to add the Solid behavior to objects you want it to land on.

    Secondly, the expressions panel has a little tweak where it remains semitransparent if you don't use it. That should stop it being distracting if you don't need it immediately. So at first it looks something like this:

    <img src="">

    If you mouse over it or use it, it becomes fully opaque again. I think it's a nice visual reminder that you want to direct your attention to the parameters, but let me know if you find it distracting.

    Thirdly, behavior expressions are done! These appear in the expressions panel in a similar way to behavior actions and conditions in the event wizard, like this:

    <img src="">

    Behavior expressions have a new syntax: Object.Behavior.Expression. For example, Player.8Direction.Speed. Behaviors also appear in autocomplete for expressions:

    <img src="">

    ...and you can autocomplete a full behavior expression as well:

    <img src="">

    Finally, a nice little cosmetic change is behavior actions and conditions now show the behavior icon by the behavior name, a bit like this:

    <img src="">

    Let me know if you have any more suggestions or ideas! I think the new syntax is much better than Classic (Player[8Direction].Speed), especially since it autocompletes fully.


    • [Feature] Behavior expressions. The syntax to use is Object.Behavior.Expression, e.g. Player.8Direction.Speed. This is an improvement over the Classic syntax (Player[8Direction].Speed) - it's a bit more readable just with dots separating. The object panel by the parameters dialog now also lists behavior expressions next to object expressions (similar to the event wizard for behavior actions and conditions). Behaviors also autocomplete like object expressions. Behavior expressions also work with instance indexing, so you can use e.g. Player(3).8Direction.Speed to get the 4th instance of Player's 8 direction movement speed.
    • [Add] Platform movement behavior. This is very simple compared to the Classic platform movement, but is a start. It only lands on Solids right now.
    • [Add] Object panel: the panel window now starts off semitransparent. This should draw the user's attention to the parameters dialog where their input is needed. It fades in if you move the mouse over it, and fades out if you move back, but once you use it (i.e. click on something) it doesn't fade out again.
    • [Add] 8 direction: now cannot pass through solids
    • [Add] Event sheet view: behavior actions and conditions now show the behavior icon next to the name
  • ...Cave Johnson, we're done here.

    Holy crap, that was quick. I'm now grinning from ear to ear, all I need now is a proper Custom Movement behavior, animations, fine collisions, and families, and I'm good to go with what I want to do.

  • Keep it up guys. Great work!

  • Nice

  • Lookin' pretty awesome, Ash; you guys are working at a great pace!

  • this is my first post; nice, but once the block goes offscreen it doesn't come back...idk if its just me having a problem...well its a nice platform demo...

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  • Man, what you doing? I haven't translated r34 and new release is out, good work.

  • Nice job on the new release. I like how this is turning out.

    BTW, would it make sense to mark auto-complete suggestions that aren't expressions in themselves? Like:




  • I'm not sure if I should even mention it since the platform behavior is so early, but there is a one pixel boundary around an object with platform behavior and the objects it collides with.

    As for Yarfapet's suggestion, perhaps instead of a *, what about a period? since the expression sprite.Platform is invalid, maybe it should display "Platform." in the auto complete with the period. Then upon pressing enter with the auto complete, it immediately brings up another auto complete for the platform expression. Seems to make sense, reduce confusion and removes an unnecessary key press.

  • i see the 1 pixel 'gap' too, but only on the first platform. on every other platform it seems fine.


  • I don't see a pixel gap on Chrome, but I see it on IE9. I think it's because of floating point positioning and scrolling. It depends on whether the browser can draw images at floating point coordinates or not (Chrome doesn't, IE9 does, it seems).

    It's a bit of a tricky one to get it absolutely pixel perfect, but I'll look in to it for a future build. For practical games it shouldn't be much of an issue anyway - the standard practice is to use an invisible square for movement and collisions, with an animated sprite positioned on top.

  • I have a gap on Chrome, but that could be because I'm using portable 10.0.648.204. I'll download the latest build and see.

  • I just tried in Classic, and its platform movement has the same bug. Nobody seemed to notice it there...! It's only ever a gap of less than a pixel.

  • on chrome, at home, i see it only on the first platform, and it is good on the others. on firefox4, at work, it has the 1px gap on all the platforms.

    if that helps.

  • I just tried in Classic, and its platform movement has the same bug. Nobody seemed to notice it there...! It's only ever a gap of less than a pixel.

    What? I don't see any gap in Classic

    That was a problem several builds ago, but Davo fixed it. Unless it's happening on some graphics cards and not others...

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