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  • <font color="red">This is an old release


    Sorry for the interlude, my laptop died (2 years old with a 1 year warranty, grr). As a result I've done bits and pieces of work between different machines, so there might be problems where I merged it all together wrong, but hopefully not. Anyways, this build has properties for behaviors in the properties bar, like this:">

    Behaviors are much more useful now! There's also early versions of the Bullet behavior and Fade behavior added. Still to come: behavior actions, conditions and expressions, and 'solid' still doesn't do anything, they'll come in later releases.


    • [Feature] Behaviors have properties in the properties bar
    • [Add] 8 direction movement: max speed, acceleration, deceleration, directions and angle properties
    • [Add] Bullet movement: as per 0.x, moves object forwards at its current angle, with speed and acceleration properties
    • [Add] Fade behavior: as per 0.x, with fade-in, wait, fade-out and optional destroy
    • [Add] HTML5 exporter: when exporting the project (rather than previewing), the javascript is passed through a simple preprocessor. This removes diagnostic lines intended only for preview (calls to assert2() and log()), as well as some comments and whitespace. This means exported HTML5 applications are slightly smaller, and will never prompt assert-fail messages.
    • [Change] 8 direction movement: tweaked code to make rotations more responsive
    • [Fix] For Each condition iterated objects incorrectly
    • [Fix] Editor window dimming area did not reach the top of the window on some systems
    • [Fix] Deleting an object type saved an unopenable project if it was referenced in events
    • [Fix] Changing active layer from properties bar caused check failure
    • [Fix] Can't drag input objects from object bar to layout
  • Nice! Once behavior actions, conditions and expressions are implemented, behaviors will be at full capability again, aside from the limited amount of built-in behaviors, of course.

  • Sorry for the interlude, my laptop died (2 years old with a 1 year warranty, grr).

    Wait what? Where do you live? In Europe we have a European law that says that you have warranty for as long as you might expect the product to last. (Laptops are supposed to last at least 3 years I think.)

    No matter what the vendor or the manufacturer say.

    p.s.: Awesome to see more development on C2!

  • I'm in the UK, but most laptops in online stores quite clearly state they have a 1 year warranty. It doesn't seem to have reached the stores!

  • Great job. One thing i noted just now : There's no nearest / point filter yet on editor ?

  • I thought UK had 2 years warranty for any device? Or does that not apply to online stores?

  • One small bug difficult to catch , to reproduce it : Change any property of an object. Unfocus . The save button will activate. Then change it again and without unfocus click on save.

  • - aha! ... _page_id=5 Worth a shot, I sent them an email!

    kiyoshi: can you explain what happens?

  • Excellent!

  • - aha! ... _page_id=5 Worth a shot, I sent them an email!

    kiyoshi: can you explain what happens?

    LOL! yeah, you could try that Ash

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  • I've noticed an odd performance problem with firefox 4. I have a 1920 by 1080 display. If the browser window - not the HTML five canvas window displayed in the webpage - takes up the whole screen, the frame rate gets all choppy. It doesn't happen with chrome so it's obviously a firefox issue, but I thought I should mention it.

    Using export instead of preview uses the old made with construct two white page.

    If you give an object fade behavior, set the fade in time to something like 500, then upon creating the object it will start at 100% opacity for the tick it's created.

    I'm not really sure what most of the sprite effects are supposed to do, so I'll just assume that I'm not understanding them rather than them working incorrectly (some of them blank out objects that they're not applied to to gray and such).

    A usability problem with the event sheet editor: having to shift the slider between the icon/object name and condition for each level of sub-events for each event sheet you work with each time you open the program is frustrating. I recommend making it so that dragging one conditions slider drags them all and sets a system-wide variable for the next event sheet that's opened to use the same slider placements for all the condition, event and action sliders. Also, I think three pixels is a bit too small, with a wacom I keep missing. 0.x used 7 pixels - how about that, or perhaps five?

    Also, I have to reiterate that I dislike the variable amount that a event has to be dragged to the right to become a sub event of the event above it. I really liked in construct 0.x how the distance needed to drag it to the right to make it a sub event was always the same, which was about how far the event would be indented if it were made a sub-event. That makes more sense to me to drag it as far as it will end up moving and flows better than having to check each time how far it needs to be dragged - and especially if you zoom in/increase the font size than you end up having to drag it a lot to the right when only something like 35-50 pixels would do. The dragging and dropping and construct one was fidgety weather and event was dropped above or below another event, but for sub-events and left to right dragging it's always been rock solid.

    Nice new version!

  • kiyoshi: can you explain what happens?

    Sure :


    Construct 2 Check failure


    Check failure! This is probably a bug:

    Project still marked as changed after save

    Condition: !project->IsChanged()

    File: Construct2.cpp

    Line: 1406

    Function: bool __cdecl CConstruct2App::SaveProject(class Project *)

    Build: release 33 (64-bit) checked

    Component: Construct 2 IDE

    (Last Win32 error: 0)

    This happens after doing the steps like i've mentioned

  • Thanks Kiyoshi, fixed in next build.

    Arima: I'll look in to those issues, but I can't reproduce the fade behavior one, looks like it starts from 0 opacity for me. Can you send me a .capx in case you did something slightly different?

  • Whoops, forgot about this. Here's the cap:

  • can you do animations next? It's pretty important.

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