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  • Download Construct 2 public preview 28

    Link to release 27

    Lots of additions, changes and fixes. Hopefully this corrects all the teething issues that have come up since the public preview.

    I can't reproduce the crash-on-close bug, but I made a change that might fix it - let me know if it still crashes on close.


    • [ADD] System expression: newline
    • [ADD] Common object expression: count
    • [ADD] System expression 'loopindex' can now take a parameter of the name of the loop index to get
    • [ADD] Text: 'Append text' action
    • [ADD] Instance variables dialog: can drag and drop variables to reorder, rename via label edits and F2, and move up and down from the toolbar.
    • [ADD] Sprite and Text: Is Visible, Set Visible
    • [CHANGE] Boolean instance variables: now use a true/false combo in properties, and have their own conditions and actions: 'Is boolean instance variable set', 'Set boolean' and 'Toggle boolean'. Boolean variables don't appear in the other instance variable actions/conditions and vice versa. Booleans should be fully functional now. They provide a nicer way of using on/off flags, such as 'Player: Is Alive' as opposed to 'Player: Alive = 1'.
    • [CHANGE] By default the canvas doesn't bring up a context menu when you right click it. (Thanks Gullanian)
    • [CHANGE] Instance indexing (e.g. Sprite(n).X) previously worked indexing in to the SOL (the currently picked objects) - this seems inconvenient in practice, so now it indexes for all objects, regardless of which are picked. This means Sprite(0).X is always the first instance's X co-ordinate, whereas before Sprite(0).X was identical to Sprite.X (which is the first currently picked instance's X co-ordinate).
    • [CHANGE] Text: now accepts numbers passed to 'Set Text'
    • [FIX] System 'For' condition was not inclusive to the end value
    • [FIX] Text object did not wrap newlines in text properly
    • [FIX] Recursive loops (loops-in-loops) work now
    • [FIX] Subevents to loops sometimes ran even when they were false
    • [FIX] IDE crash clicking back in parameters dialog with an invalid expression
    • [FIX] Runtime: instance variables are set to a correct initial value when a new object is created (previously it accidentally gained the last instance's current variables)
    • [FIX] System 'Create object' did not pick the created instance
    • [FIX] max and min system expressions would not accept instance variable parameters
    • [FIX] Error cloning an object type with instance variables
  • Wow!

  • - [FIX] System 'Create object' did not pick the created instance

    Awesome! Now I can get down to making some fancier stuff.

    EDIT: It looks like collisions are borked now. You can see this when running the demo mentioned in the announcement post in the latest version. IE9 locks up when a collision occurs, and Chrome drops frames like mads and doesn't actual register the collisions.

  • Oh, poop. I'll have that fixed and get a 28.2 out soon.

  • Here's a hotfix till then: paste this runtime.js file to <install path>\exporters\html5\plugins\sprite\runtime.js - it's got fixed collisions.

  • Awesome update! I especially like how boolean variables read in event sheets. Very clear.

  • What a lot of additions :O Will have to try this when I get home. And I thought you said you wouldn't work on this for a short while

  • Cool!, I'm downloading it now! I can't wait to try it...

  • still crashes on close on windows vista home premium

  • Same for thedeveloper, it crashes on close for me. I'm using windows vista home premium / service pack 2. I don't know if I'm supposed to report it because you already know about this bug.

    Things I did:

    1. Create a new project

    2. Add Sprite (I saved the sprite as it is, I didn't draw anything on paint. But I can draw or paste images, it'll just be same in end.)

    3. Save, then Exit -> *crash*

    (It happens with capx and folder types. Same result.)

    It did save the project though. So I reopened the project, removed the sprite, and save/exit. It still crashed. It didn't crash for me if I only used mouse, keyboard, or text. It only does it with the sprite.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using 32bit.

  • Ok

  • Thought this was for the first public Contruct 3 release, lol.

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  • Just a pointless post from a new user resurrecting a 4 year old thread.

  • Hehe, what a cool read though - look how far C2 has come. Ashley is surely a coding guru!!

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