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  • Download Construct 2 public preview 32.2

    Link to release 31

    This build, with several other changes, introduces the behaviors engine. There is only one working behavior - 8 direction - which is there mainly to prove the engine works. There's plenty to do still, but this should give you something to try out, as well as a few other tweaks, and r31 is due to expire soon anyways

    Edit: updated to 32.2 to fix broken input plugins.


    • [Feature] Early implementation of behaviors. The behaviors dialog is modelled after the instance variables dialog, where behaviors can be added, reordered and deleted. Attributes have been merged in to behaviors (so 'solid' is now a behavior). There is only a primitive version of the 8 direction behavior - there are no behavior actions, conditions and expressions, properties or customisable controls, and 'solids' have no effect yet - it's mostly under-the-hood work to get it to basic functionality.
    • [Add] Can drag-and-drop .capx and .caproj files in to the Construct 2 window to open them.
    • [Add/fix] Can drag-and-drop PNG and BMP files from Windows Explorer in to a layout, and it automatically creates a new Sprite object with that texture. Could be a nice time saver when you have a lot of artwork, especially while there's no picture editor. (Previously this resulted in a check failure.)
    • [Add] 'Add blank sub-event' to right-click menu of events
    • [Add] Project bar and object bar right-click menus have options to edit instance variables and behaviors of object types
    • [Change] New About box
    • [Change] System expression 'dt' (delta time): previously was fixed at 0.016. Now the genuine delta time is measured. This requires a high-resolution timer in the browser. There is conflicting information on the web about this, but from my own tests it appears most modern browsers do have high resolution timing in javascript. If they don't, they might report a delta-time of zero. If so, the runtime will detect this and fall back to a fixed value of dt like before (0.016). Let me know how this works out and if there is any choppy motion using dt in your movement calculations (or in behaviors which always use delta time).
    • [Change] Selecting an object type from the project or object bar shows properties as if all its instances in the project were mass-selected. This is probably much more useful when working in the event sheet editor.
    • [Change] Object names (and behaviors) are now allowed to start with numbers as long as there are non-number characters in its name. In other words, names like "8Direction" or "3DObject" were previously not allowed, but are OK now.
    • [Change] Preview in browser has a centred canvas and dark background.
    • [Fix] Creating an object on a layer by number chooses the nearest layer if it doesn't exist (e.g. creating an object on layer 1 with a single layer, 0-based, now creates the object on layer 0 instead of doing nothing)
    • [Add/fix] Can drag-and-drop PNG and BMP files from Windows Explorer in to a layout, and it automatically creates a new Sprite object with that texture. Could be a nice time saver when you have a lot of artwork, especially while there's no picture editor. (Previously this resulted in a check failure.)

    That's awesome!

  • Awesome!

    I'll try it as soon as I get home!

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  • Cool new features.

    If I add the solid behavior to an object I get this error at runtime:

    Assertion failure: Behavior id "solid" is missing.


    Also using Mouse,Keyboard or touch plugins seems to break the runtime. The screen is just grey.

    Using winxp sp3 and firefox 4.0.

  • Woops, knew I forgot something important. I'll push out a 32.2 later to fix.

  • OK, edited the OP to 32.2 which fixes the broken input plugins and solid problem. Redownload for fix.

  • The image drag and drop is HUGE. Thanks, guys!

  • Nice update, definitely dig the image drag and drop. Hope you'll make it work with jpgs as well!

    There's still no way to drag a subevent directly to a base event after the last event in the event sheet. What I mean is, make a new game, then an event with a subevent (event 2), then drag that subevent to be a base event in the same spot (event 2). If it's the last event in the event sheet, that doesn't work. You have to drag it to event 1 then back to event 2. Not major, but it seems like it should be fixed.

    You can also still drag keyboard, mouse, touch and sound objects from the object panel to the layout and get multiple instances that way. It produces this error:


    Construct 2 Check failure


    Check failure! This is probably a bug:

    Creating WorldInstance for non-world type

    Condition: object_type.GetPluginType() == era::pt_worldtype

    File: Projects\WorldInstance.cpp

    Line: 38

    Function: __thiscall WorldInstance::WorldInstance(class Layer &,class ObjectType &)

    Build: release 32.2 (32-bit) checked

    Component: Construct 2 IDE

    (Last Win32 error: 0)

    Also, since there's no more sourceforge page for C2, where should we post bugs? Will there be a tracker on the new website?

  • Just tested it. Awesome !! The new drag and drop of sprites is very convenient and a huge time saver. The new 8 direction behavior is very nice too with smooth turnings and rotations ,

    well done

    Had a crash once when i had the active layer blocked, then drag and dropped a sprite, when tried to change it's layer to a non-blocked one it raised an exception. But couldn't reproduce it after trying again. It's something isolated so it's not critical. Great additions , waiting for animated sprites

  • So, like when we get animations....

    Are going to be able to drop images on top of sprites to add frames?

  • Basically there's two ways of setting up an animated sprite : importing separated images, while the engine assemblies them internally in a spritesheet storing the frame rects , or importing a spritesheet and and finding these frame rects either manually by the user, or automatically by the engine. I don't know if old C1 already did it this way exactly . But from what i remember , the spritesheet importing part wasn't very flexible since you could only define a fixed frame rect like 32x32 to cut the spritesheet.

  • Still broken for me

  • Had a problem: Deleted a sprite , from scene , then from object types. Closed the project . When reopened it crashed : The event related to that sprite was not erased, so C2 complained that could not find it. Did i do something wrong when removing the sprite ?

    Other thing : C2 sometimes crashes when changing active layer : Something about properties refresh.

  • cow_trix: what's broken?

    : I think I can reproduce this. Looks like when you delete an object type, actions which reference it in an object parameter disappear from view, but still get saved to the XML (which is wrong!). I'll try to fix it for the next build. Also looking in to the changing layer thing.

  • Ok, nice

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