Download Construct 2 release 28.2

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  • Download Construct 2 public preview 28.2

    Link to release 28

    Basically patches up everything that went wrong with r28, and a new update checker. The update checker checks at most once every 24 hours and doesn't block the UI thread, so it shouldn't hold up the UI becoming available like it did in 0.x. It's also got a special message if there's an update available the first time you run Construct 2, because the majority of 0.x downloads were out of date builds (presumably download sites hosting old builds).

    I've also made some more shotgun changes that might fix the crash-on-close I can't reproduce - I remember in private testing dealing with a crash certain drivers had when opening the layout editor, so I've made an attempted fix along those same lines but for when the layout editor is closed. Let me know if it had any luck...


    • [ADD] Simple update checker. Checks for an update once a day and gives you the option to go to the download page when an update is available.
    • [ADD] Plugin developers: you can switch off script caching so your scripts are reloaded every time you preview, making plugin development faster. To do this, open regedit, and create the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scirra\Construct2\html5 - then add a new DWORD value 'devmode' (without quotes) and set its value to 1. Script caching is now off.
    • [ADD] System expression 'lerp'
    • [FIX] r28 broke collisions - fixed again for this build
    • [FIX] Assigning NaN to a Sprite's angle has no effect
  • First post, Nice.

    I am going to try it now.

  • Editing registry keys to switch between dev mode and non dev mode seems a bit... long winded. Can't we have a button? Also would probably be a good idea to print something on the canvas like "DEV MODE" in bottom right in red small or something to stop people accidently exporting non cacheable JS's.

  • You only ever need to set the key once, and it doesn't affect the functionality or caching in the browser at all - just when Construct 2 decides to copy some files. I think a reg key is OK, because some ordinary users will inevitably idly click a button if it's in the UI, and all it does then is reduce performance.

  • So is Nan going to be a regular return value?

    I mean except for when you don't try to divide by zero.

    Probably a better way to go any ways.

    I know there were a few issues where the e^ would get cut off in debugging when it went into scientific notation.

  • Hey Ash can you add picking for instance variable and families to the next build.

  • When the use check "Enable developper mode" in dialog 1:

    <img src="">

    he is shown the dialog 2:

    <img src="">

    The message is clear and does not give any clue about what the option does, instead it says only that you should enable that option if you know why ! It put the emphases on the bad aspects of it and not the good ones.

    It's made to be sure that you don't enable it unless you really want to try it.

    Each time Construct is launched, a nag screen is shown showing some options :

    <img src="">

    It forces the "developper" to click on the third option.

    Doing that, we can be sure that users who do not use this feature turn it off after a while. Unlesse they like nag screens !

    The key in the registry can contains 3 values :

    DISABLED (0)


    ENABLED (2)

  • Sorry Still Crashes on Close. Hopefully this will be resolved soon...

  • No crash for me so far. (Vista 32bit)

    Looking more awesome each day. Now, for what I would love to see next... global variables and global objects. Colour filter would be great too.

    Being no real programmer myself I have no idea what features would make most sense to add next, but these would be useful for me at least

  • I'm using windows vista home premium 32 bit and I get a crash on close when a game is loaded capx and when I choose close project from the menu.

  • thedeveloper, what's your graphics card? (Open a layout and click About)

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  • No Crash here on load or close

    Tried with blank layout and with a sprite/mouse movement and

    Release 28.2(64 bit) checked

    Windows 64 Ultimate

    Nvidia Geforce GTS 250


    May I also suggest for quick bug reports and quantifying issues some sort of error trapping collection and submitting scheme.

    You could have a submit error report button or box in the about window with a category drop-down box to make sure you get specific info and a short explanation. And then have it send the basic system info along with it.

    Fantastic job by the way.

  • I still crash on close (with sprite.) I'm using the vista home premium laptop.

    Release 28.2 (32-bit) checked

    OpenGL 2.1.0

    Intel; Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

    Shader language 1.20

  • Release 28.2 (32-bit) checked

    OpenGL 2.1.0

    Intel; Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

    Same as Aindra - Dell Studio Laptop Windows Vista 32 Bit

  • Crash on exit.

    OS: XP sp3

    Release 28.2 (32-bit)

    OpenGL 3.3.0

    GeForce 9800GT

    Don't know if below is of any use:

    Trace shows:

    function: Construct2

    00505e58 1000 adc [eax],al

    00505e5a cc int 3

    00505e5b cc int 3

    00505e5c cc int 3

    00505e5d cc int 3

    00505e5e cc int 3

    00505e5f cc int 3

    00505e60 55 push ebp

    00505e61 8bec mov ebp,esp

    00505e63 83ec1c sub esp,0x1c

    FAULT ->00505e66 ff4f08 dec dword ptr [edi+0x8] ds:0023:00000008=????????

    00505e69 53 push ebx

    00505e6a 56 push esi

    00505e6b 0f85b0000000 jne Construct2+0x105f21 (00505f21)

    00505e71 8d9894010000 lea ebx,[eax+0x194]

    00505e77 8d45f0 lea eax,[ebp-0x10]

    00505e7a 8bcb mov ecx,ebx

    00505e7c e8ef4ff1ff call Construct2+0x1ae70 (0041ae70)

    00505e81 8d45e4 lea eax,[ebp-0x1c]

    00505e84 8bcb mov ecx,ebx

    00505e86 e88580fdff call Construct2+0xddf10 (004ddf10)

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