Is there any way to down-scale resolution after export?

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  • Hi all,

    I've come to the end of a long road with my game engine and will start importing art now. So, now is the time I need to seriously wonder about screen resolutions. I've looked around and asked people, but it's generally only ever discussed about getting full-screen to work. I'm in a different boat however.

    I want my game to be released as a web game, so the resolution needs to be 800 wide max to fit on most portals. But then I want to release an exe version as well with higher resolution, so it can look really nice full-screen as well.

    Now as far as I understand it, I would need to make 2 versions of the game, reimporting all the assets at a smaller size for web version than exe version. And this just does not seem right. Surely there is a way to downscale the high res version when putting it on the web? Maybe something that can be changed after export?

    If you have any information or ideas about this, please let me know!

  • You can set the window size to not be over 800 px wide, while keeping your assets at the size you want, the exe version if I am correct, can be increased in size with the set width and set height actions, which could result in what you want.

    PS:that works because C2 by default will scale up and down the graphics before rendering, so the assets quality will define the graphic quality, not the window size setting.

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  • Aphrodite but then you have the problem of the assets appearing too big in a small window. So I guess I wasn't really clear, what I need is for it to scale-down to a certain size, so all images a proportionate to the screen size.

    So I'm guessing I would need to import them at a high-quality, then shrink them to fit into 800xX, then in the exe version, when it scales to fullscreen it will use the higher-end versions? Am I on the right track? Thanks for your patience, I just find it all a bit wonky.

  • What I meant was fixing the size to 800xX in the project proprities beforehand, with a scaling mode (like letterbox scale, scale inner, or scale outer), so the objects will adapt to the screen size if it is different compared to the specified screen size, and using the node webkit action set width and set height at the beginning of the game, you could ensure having a different size that the one you have chosen for the web version.

    The fact being that the assets themselves don't have to be changed from one version to another, just make them big enough for the exe version.

    I hope I am clear enough

  • Aphrodite - Yeah I think I getcha, I'm just thinking that when you put the assets in at a larger size than for 800xX, you will need to shrink them after import to fit into the right size for that smaller resolution. Then it will automatically scale them up in bigger versions, adding more quality as they grow in size, up until the original import size, if I understand correctly? But then also, if I scale them down using events (which I would need to do for Spriter files), would that prevent them being scaled up in quality in higher resolutions?

  • I have the same issue.

    My game is 1280 by 720, and if want to publish the game online the width must be 800 px.

  • A0Nasser if I find an elegant solution I'll let you know, it still seems like there must be a simple way to solve the problem.

  • A0Nasser I found this in the index file after export:

    <!-- The canvas the project will render to. If you change its ID, don't forget to change the

    ID the runtime looks for in the jQuery events above (ready() and cr_sizeCanvas()). -->

    <canvas id="c2canvas" width="1600" height="900">

    Maybe you could try having a play with it and see if you get any results? I'm just off to bed in a minute, so won't be able to give it a go until tomorrow.

  • I would make the assets on the conditions of the larger resolution and for the smaller I would probably use zoom.

    I think there was a formula somewhere to make that zoom automatically.

  • I would just do the high res version, Construct will downscale on runtime. This for example was done in 1024x1024, in the Newgrounds window options, I set it to 768x768, and everything downscale. Of course, my game is graphically simple, if you use pixel art for example, if you downsample you will lose a lot of detail and the graphics will look weird. For example, If you go from 1920x1080 to 860x540, each 4 pixels on the art will be 1 pixel on the screen.

    If you are not using pixelart thou, go for the high res.

    And sorry for my "engrish", I am from Brazil.

  • I expected it to be this simple, but I remember on Kongregate I tried doing the same thing in their options and for some reason it didn't work. I'll have more of a look at both today, but also what about just hosting it normally on your own site/webpage?

    Katala - That sounds like a good idea! Let me know if you find the/any other posts relating to it. I'll try giving it a go later myself.

  • Tobye On Kongregate you can use a min and a max size, it worked for another of my games, that game used Scale Outer, but when viewed in a smaller resolution the graphics would be smaller, and reveal more or less of the world depending on the aspect ratio, of course, for that you need to prepare your layout for using that.

    Before testing the game, I was fearing that the sprites wold be tiny, because the original resolution of the pixel art character was 16x16, but it worked flawlessly on Newgrounds, Kongregate and on mobile.

    That case was different, because Construct was scaling up the graphics. I never test it in my own site, so I don't know about that, sorry.

  • That's a good question actually

    If you make game ie. for androids 1280x720 - where your sprites are 256x256 and then you scale it to fit Ipads 2048 x 1536. You'll get blurry sprites.

    But if you make iPad first with sprites 1024x1024 and then scale it down to android, Your sprites will be much smaller. There is an option to choose different Downscaling options. However, can this be tested to see how much more memory it gets and how performance changes?

    Did someone test it how games behave after downscaling?

  • Can anyone make a list of resolutions, Like this :

    For Ipad set the resolution to XXX by XXX

    For online games ........

    For node webkit ........


  • One more question. What about screen density? Is it matter with C2 full screen scaling options?

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