Double Jump i don´t have!

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  • Why in my version I have no option: Double Jump, this is a problem of version or something else, someone please help me?

    I'm doing a course in video lessons and I'm standing at the moment because I dont have this option in my Construct2 if anyone knows why and can help me, thank you now.

  • What is the release number you are using ?

    Have you added the platform behavior to your object ?

  • It was my version she really did not have that option, I downloaded a version more acts and solved the problem, but seizing the moment, how do I use the node-webkit I downloaded the Scirra the site but do not know how to get the Construct 2 the use to view my project without having to use the browser?

  • cbmenezes2015

    Node-webkit (now referred to as NWJS) comes as a separate installation now, so make sure to download and install from HERE.

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  • NW.JS is also a licensed only feature.

    If you don't own a proper C2 license, you cannot use that feature.

    If you want to get a license, now is kind of an excellent time as the personal license is on sale for a few days.

    Get one quickly if you haven't already. Once the sale is done, it's done.

  • Thanks for the tip zenox98 downloaded the installer and everything went well thank you very much the same. But now it appeared an error message that is giving me a headache and can not access my project that was almost ending:

    When I try to open my project he appears with the following error message and stop me from opening:

    Check failure! This is a probably a bug:

    can not find fram animation Either in last_path or project location

    and a lot of text to more that error, I wonder what might have happened?

    I thank you for everyone's help!

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