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  • Hey people,

    This kind of "How do i..." situation. I (like most of you i bet) have tons of ideas about a new game. This is my problem at all. I have to decide on one of them and stick to it until finish.

    Creating a relatively HUGE game is always tempting for us but we all know that if someone don't have enough experience on things like work process, designing, engine, mechanics etc. it will be just a nightmare at the end.

    So i want to finish something nice but more simple before starting a big project.

    I made those tutorial games so i can develope a platformer with couple of levels.

    I bet i can make a running game also with help of some researches on several stuffs.

    When i think about my abilities, designing visuals gives me advantage. So kind of 'Spot the difference' or 'Hidden Object Game' looks a bit easier than a multilevel platformer for a moment. But as i don't have any experience and any tutorials about them of course :), i am not sure about it at all.

    I gave myself Sunday as deadline and i will loose courage if i could not finish something (big or not) but joyful.

    I know it depends on person and nothing will be same for others but principals are mostly same for all. According to your experiences, what kind of path will be good start for me or what kind of suggestions can you give to me?

  • Practice.

    Break down mechanics in a new project, even if it stands to the state of prototype and not game.

    This way you gain experience in analysis (breaking down the mechanics), using C2 (production) and being able to assemble several mechanics at your rhythm.

    No tutorial for a specific game type ? No problem anyway, you take what you have to take from the already massive amount of tutorials available, check also out the how do I FAQ and thanks to your breaking down skills you then assemble all this to make the kind of game you want to make.

    It takes time and effort, but the good thing is that actually you have more time than just until Sunday for you. I recommend reading this tutorial I've wrote last year and that seems appropriate to your current state of mind.

    No need for a recipe to follow, programming is about abstract thinking and imagination/creativity, in relation to the tools you already know.

  • For me it would be to set reasonable expectations, break it down in mechanics and find ways to make these mechanics work.

    That's what I'm doing now, and despite relying heavily on people and forums to find how to do stuff, it kinda works ^^

  • Kyatric

    I absolutely agree with you all the points mentioned on both your post and article. I am not up to make a game with incredible mechanics in short time period.

    But the main reason of my Sunday deadline is about breaking my procrastination or the taste to achieve something. Again, i am not up to make something worldwide in very short time period.

    Also you are right, i am aware of no need for a full size tutorial for each game type and not looking for it. That's why i am following "How do i" part of the forum or inspect elements of given example and i will too in the future.

    But you know, it's kind of habit i guess. I know myself, i am not giving up type of person. But if i have something done, it will boost my courage and enthusiasm. That is one of the other reason of my deadline.

    May be i could not explain myself well with my previous post. Anyway, thanks again for you kind reply, i will keep those in my mind no doubt!


    I believe your way is much more better to search some stuffs, i appreciate that. Thanks.

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  • Maybe try grabbing some themes from Ludum Dare's (or join in new ones!) and make games in 48 hours (Ludum Dare timelimit). I've seen some awesome stuff made during those competitions <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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