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  • Just a question. Would it be possible to have like a DLC Plugin? Like you release a full game, then add a DLC Character or something. The only I can think of doing it is if your release it as a patch.

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  • Do you mean Downloadable Content? It should be possible. There's already the AJAX plugin that allows you to retrieve text data, but I don't see why it can't dynamically request textures and other content in future.

  • Can you retrieve an image as text data with the AJAX Plugin and then output it "binarily" as an image ?

    I guess however that it's still irrelevant as dynamic texturing isn't in yet ...

  • Well, make the client re download the full games with everything added, i'm not sure a construct game could be over 1GB.No progress will be lost if the update don't overwrite the save file.

  • Episodic content:

    A new map - Island of the Orcs - has been added to the game world. Everybody, who has purchased the "Island of the Orcs" expansion and got the Crystal Skull ingame item, will be able to go there by traveling to Savage Mountain Pass. Before the Gate of Doom there will now stand Yorgomir the Ogre asking for the Crystal Skull. Give the item to him and he will open the great iron doors for you. You will then have access to "Island of the Orcs "..

    I wonder if such small expansions for Construct 2 are feasible or they would be too complicated? These small expansions would be completed as development progresses and with time gradually could be put on the store shelves for players to see.

    The idea behind episodes is they are relatively small downloadable addons for sale, MAP-parts (DLC-packages) and could be downloaded one by one upon purchase, strictly connected to players personal account.

    If neccessary for the added functionality, always a new "main game" version could be released or URL sent to players so they can access purchased DLC-s. Players would decide, which part of the world interests them more, so they might purchase only 2-3 sections of the map. The full map has lets say currently 10 purchaseable areas. If a player purchases the "Full-Map-Access Pack" for $20 they receive all special objects that allow passage to anywhere in the world.

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