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  • Hi my knowledge on distribution is not very clear.

    Is it legal to submit my game to more than 1 distributors? will it result to many duplicates of my game, having certain disadvantages?


  • rephrase my question.

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  • Provided you have full permission to use all of the assets in your game (art, music, etc.), it's your property so you can do with it what you want. When you submit your game to a distribution service, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions - you might be giving up your right to freely distribute the game to other services.

    The only disadvantage to distributing to multiple services is that it requires more effort to keep all of them updated as you make changes to your game. Otherwise, it just means more people will play it, which can only be good.

  • iikii If you look at FGL website, they have extensive FAQ section which undeniably the best explanation about licensing/distribution. I suggest you take a look at the types of license, it sure will be helpful to help you understand how distribution works according to type of licensing. Cheers!

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