How can I display a fullscreen game like youtube video?

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  • Hello guys! i'm developing a few games in Contruct2 and want to make the games I play on mobile show up on full screen without the top bar of chrome or any other navigator. Something similar to youtube videos when showing up on full screen.


    hola chicos estoy desarrollando un juego en construct2 y quiero hacer que los juegos en dispositivos moviles se muestren en pantalla completa y que la barra superior del navegador no se muestre. algo similar a los videos de youtube que ocupan toda la pantalla.

  • Use the Browser object's Request fullscreen action. Note however that this action must be used with an user input (like pressing a button or clicking on something). So, don't use it with events like "On start of layout".

    Also, next time use the How do I? section of the forum for these kind of questions :

  • Hello! thank you! I have read in other forums and explain the same thing as you say. there any way to start the fullscreen mode at the beginning of layout?

    I can control this from the index.html file with javascript?


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  • I think it's not possible due to a browser limitation. However you might want to give it a try with NW.js.

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