Disappearing text when publishing to Android

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  • I've been having a strange problem when publishing my game for Android with XDK / Crosswalk.

    Everything seems fine except a couple of text labels on my main page don't show up. They do in the emulator but once I compile and download to my device they go away.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen this and what it might be. The font is Arial Narrow / 28 which I use many other places without a problem. Anyone have any idea why this might happen?

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  • This is a known issue when exporting via Crosswalk or Cocoon or stuff.

    Also using "normal" textobjects causes weaker performance.

    Just use Spritefont instead and everything will be fine

  • Thanks! I will use spritefonts from now on to avoid this.

    BTW, I managed to find a possible reason for the problem. If any part of a text box overlaps any part of another text box, it seems like it makes one of them invisible. I managed to fix my problem by getting rid of overlaps. But if spritefonts give better performance, that's reason enough to use them.

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