Disabled gamepads on start of gameplay

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  • Hello there!

    This is a persistent problem I've encountered with Construct 2 when using XBOX 360 controllers. I don't know if it has been reported before (I could not find any mention to it after searching), but well, here's how to reproduce the issue:

    1. Close and open the project. Be sure that no preview is open on the browser.

    2. On Construct 2, press either F4 or F5 to preview the project on browser.

    3. Then (let's assume the project is a standard platformer), try to use your left joystick for movement and check that no input is registered.

    4. Press any of the 4 face buttons (A, B, X or Y) and now proceed to move with the joystick. It now responds to your input.

    5a. If we close both the project and the preview, open the project again and press F4/F5 again, the problem will appear when previewing.

    5b. If we close the preview and return to Construct 2, and then we press F4/F5, the problem will appear again upon previewing.

    5c. If we return to Construct 2 without closing the preview, make any changes and press F4/F5, the problem won't appear on the browser preview.

    6. This problem appears after exporting with NW.js too.

    It's important to note that I'm using the last version of Chrome, Construct 2 and NW.js, as well as the last driver for XBOX 360 controllers.

    Summing it up, it appears the controllers start disabled on both previewing and exporting and have to activated by pressing any of the 4 face buttons. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong or a bug on any of the ends. Here's a sample project to test this problem.

    Thank you all very much in advance.

  • I remember that browsers by default requires certain inputs presses on the controller for it to be registered as being here on the webpage, for "privacy security reasons" as they say.

    From the C2 manual:"

    To prevent allowing websites to track you by your available controllers, most browsers supporting Gamepad input will report that there are no controllers connected until a button is pressed on one of the devices."

  • Thank you! That makes a lot of sense, and I can see why this happens as well on NW.js, but could it be possible to disable this feature when exporting the project to desktop? I see no clear use of it then.

    Again, thank you very much for your fast response.

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  • I have no idea on how to disable this on NW.js I will admit, let's hope someone else knows.

  • I just checked again and this is indeed ocurring on NW.js, but yep! That's a good solution for a final project (and one indeed that solves the problem completely), but in my current state I'm just prototyping ideas.

    Anyway, I guess it can be worked around, so no further solutions are needed. Thanks all and sorry for the inconvenience!

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