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  • Hi,

    New to CS2 so don't shoot the messenger ;)

    I'm missing a disable collision option. When my enemy is hitting the player, my player dies. It flash and being destroyed.

    But its still able to hit all other object so i have to include my own disable collision system. A default "collision enable/disable" option would be very beneficial.

    If we could expand each object with a post-effect like blur, colorize, glow, blooming. This could be a plugin based system.

    Besides that i'm missing a draw function : draw boxed, circles etc. Of-course with a fill option: color, tiled picture, gradient, opacity . This would be a great help in creating health bars and other stuff like color tone.

    Maybe i have been using Gamemaker to much ....

  • Hello,

    If you destroy (use the common action destroy) on an instance, it's not supposed to be there anymore and so shouldn't collide with other objects.

    If you simply set it invisible, it will still collide indeed.

    Depending on the behavior used on the object, there should be a "disable" action.

    At worst you can add another condition in your "on collision" event to make sure the object is visible/on screen.

    Also I think you should check out the tutorials like the beginner's guide to C2, how to make a platformer game, building a platform game a beginner's guide and some others like make a fancy lifebar.

    There's a lot of documentation out there, nothing to easily make the transition from GM though.

    Hopefully this will help you along the way.

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  • Or use another object for the "death" animation. An object that isn't set to collide.

    Or use a boolean on the object itself, if the boolean is set to true, don't hit.

    As far as pretty things goes like fx you have to wait for the scirra team to decide when it will be the time to add them. As it will probably be a webGL only feature, and for now they keep the c2 into a canva 2D/WebGL compatible state.

    draw box/circle/ etc ... yeah missing that kind of plugin, but you can still do some stuff with canvas (:

  • I know there are several way to create your own death sequence. But disable collsion on every object would be very helpfull.

    Drawing stuff on the canvas and creating basic "Gaming routines" feels like a developers job. I'm not trying to be negative but "Make Games!

    No programming required" got my attention to use Construct 2. I hope there is room to improve the learnig-curve or add more plugins.

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