8 Direction movement not working!

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  • new to construct 2 and i followed tutorial perfectly yet my 8 Directional movement is not working at all! please help

  • new to construct 2 and i followed tutorial perfectly yet my 8 Directional movement is not working at all! please help

    It's impossible to help when you give us no information about what the problem actually is.

    Please explain in as much detail as possible what you expect to happen and what is happening. Telling us what tutorial you are following would also help.

    In order to get a much fuller and quicker response, post your .capx (exported projected as a single file) and post it here.

  • Um how hard is it to understand I was very clear i was doing the tutuorial made the player sprite added the 8 directional movement added the scroll to function and added the bound by edge function its said to hit run and test it i tested it and i have absolutly no movement on player character but the scroll and bound functions are not my concern atm its only the lack of movement which i was exceptionally clear on when i said 8 directional movement not working at all meaning my player character will not move

  • Second opnion: post your capx.

  • wow completely useless answers nevermind ill just quit using you people nice to see the forums are as helpless as usual really makes people want to use your product and actually pay for it

  • I've got a problem with my car. I followed the maintenance instructions exactly. Any ideas what could be wrong?

    I smell a troll. New account, but says

    ....nice to see the forums are as helpless as usual .....

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  • Anubis13 Whether you are a troll or not, you just can expect others to read your mind and understand your problem. You have to give us more specific details surrounding the issue to see what could be the cause of it. Upload your project as a .capx to a cloud storage and post the link here without the http://www. part.

  • I am not a god damned troll i am new to the entire thought of game developement and dont even know where to satrt in getting a .capx file hence why i followed through and stopped using it UE has been much more helpful and you dont need to read my mind its your damn tutorial and your damn engine movement is not working meaning character will NOT move at all is a pretty specific problem

  • Anubis13, open Construct 2 and go to [File] -> [New].

    In the search field at the top, type number 8.

    You'll find 8 direction behavior examples.

    Open the first example '8 direction behavior part 1' and click 'Run layout' button located at the top.

    You'll see the player moves when you use the keyboard move keys.

    Under [Projects] -> [Object Types], find an object called [Player].

    Click [Player] and you'll find the [Player] has a behavior called [8direction].

    Go down and click [Behaviors] located next to [Add/Edit].

    That's where we add behaviors.

    Please visit [How do I...?] forum by clicking the link below, for the assistance, as there are a lot of people willing to help new users.

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