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  • Hi there,

    i have a little question...

    Do Android support now DirectCanvas or not?


  • AppMobiIan on Appmobi support forums claims that using the cloud builder you should get directcanvas working on android. (See here)

    A forum user claims a successful build of a C2 game with directcanvas on android, but it might be an export error. (See here)

    Ashley, Tom, me and a lot of other forum users say NO. It doesn't still work. And this is probably the right answer.

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  • We only support directCanvas export for Construct 2 to iOS right now. It is in stable release as of r100. We are working on getting Android DC out of beta and updated to work with C2 export.

    Since it's in Beta, some people may get their game to work depending on how they created their game in C2, but the success rate is minimal as of now.

    Any more questions, let me know :D

  • Well, since I have you here, I have an app exported through directCanvas that works in the emulator but just goes to a black screen on my iPad 1. Is there any sort of error console or debug mode on the iPad that can tell me what could be causing the issue? (sorry to hijack your thread Kmag!)

  • How are you viewing the app on your device? Did you make an adhoc build or are you testing in appLab? (if you tested in appLab make sure it has the most recent updates)

  • AppLab v3.4.4, just installed it this morning. Watching your adhoc tutorial now, think it's worth a shot?

  • Hmmmm, well an adhoc build will give you the same results that you're seeing in applab since it's the same native code. In our testing cycles with Scirra we didn't run into any dead black screens. You're not the only person with this issue so I'll follow up with Ashley and do some tests myself to see what the bug might be.

    Edit* I'll post back on this thread with my findings

    Edit 2* I just helped someone else who had the same problem and the culprit was special characters in the image file names. Might not be a bad thing to check for also.

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  • I went through and checked, we only use _ and - which I assume would be ok.

    Anyways, I don't want to derail further here so I created my own thread:

    Thanks for the help so far, hopefully we can solve this!

  • Hey Tyler.

    Any chance of seeing support for WebOS? I'd love to have DirectCanvas support for my HP Pre3.

  • Hey Blinx123

    We don't have any plans to support WebOS and since HP stopped backing it, I doubt we will make plans to support it.

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