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  • First I would like to introduce you. My name is Adrian Mariscal, I'm from Spain and I'm 24 years old. One of my personal hobbies is designing small applications and games for mobile devices. For quite some time I use Construct 2 to make my projects.

    Like all common developers, I have what we call a "development study" although I am the only one who does all the work.

    His name is Marshall Designs, although I have previously launched several applications under another name.

    For a month I work on a project inspired by the famous game "Pokemon Go". This is a game for Android that like "Pokemon Go" uses the GPS of our dispotivo to play.

    The game is called "DigiGoMon" because I is oriented on the famous cartoon series "Digimon". The game's story is based on some of the facets of the first edition of this cartoon.

    At the beginning of our departure, "Gennai" one of the Digimon of light, we talk about what are the Digimons and will request our help to fight the forces of darkness. The forces of darkness have created a rift between our world and the digital world and we must prevent infected digimons and the evil dark lord "Devimon" take over both worlds.

    Our mission will walk through our city for Digimons infected and fight against them. In each contest we will receive points or coins that allow us to perform other actions in the game. In addition to finding Digimons with which to fight, we find areas such as mountains, buildings or other places where we can go to find such objects that allow our digimon evolve.

    The game is currently in an early stage of development and is being developed in Spanish as the primary language although it also conduct an English version.

    I leave you some images here. Later publish more information and a video of the game running.

    Thank you for your attention, a greeting.

  • Wrong forum?

  • Yeah, I think I'm wrong in section.

  • Updated information about the project. Greetings.

  • Sounds like and interesting project. It is indeed in the wrong section of the forums and should be moved here:

    Also, I suggest that you do some research on licenses before you start using Digimon as a theme.

  • Thank you. regarding copyright we have already reported for use. a greeting.

  • Thank you. regarding copyright we have already reported for use. a greeting.

    Then I wish the best of luck to your project May I ask what kind of plugins do you use for this game?

  • Plugin uses google maps and geolocation plugin

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  • marshalldesigns - Don't think of this in a wrong way but Is it against copyright to make games licensed to a company without permissions. Or did I miss anything?


    Ohh, sorry. I didn't see your previous discussion. It seems that you already have permission.

    Good Luck. It's a nice game.

  • In response to questions about the issue of copyright, after collecting the necessary information , as it is a project that is intended to have a commercial purpose , there is not any kind of problem . Thanks for your interest , a greeting !

  • Plugin uses google maps and geolocation plugin

    Thank you.

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