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  • I'm attempting to export my game for android using a variety of methods.

    The HTML 5 and desktop NW.JS versions work no problem.

    Cocoon developer app works too when previewing the game locally or from dropbox.

    But when i build an APK either via cocoon.io or adobe phonegap build. The game starts, then gets stuck a short way into the game. When I'm trying to load my level map.

    Not sure how to debug this other then starting to delete parts of the game till it works.....


  • Tricky without more information.

    At a guess, with any other apk I would say it's trying to load a non local resource and failing as the android_manifest.xml doesn't have internet permission set correctly.

    Does it finish loading, then stalls a little after that, or does it fail during loading?

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  • So it appears that the ajax object doesn't like uppercase letters or spaces.... But would still work fine on a PC browser or cocoon Dev app. But breaks everything once it's compiled to an app. Renaming my tmx maps I was loading fixed the apk issue I was having.

  • Glad to hear you fixed it. Maybe the uppercase. spaces is to do with Android being based on linux, and Windows being less fussy...

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