Difference between testing over LAN and CocoonJS?

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  • Hi All,

    I'm new to all of this.   I'm testing on my Nexus 7 in mobile chrome. I was wondering why there is such a discrepancy in FPS when using the Test Over LAN feature compared to cocoonJS. With Test Over LAN my frame rates seem very similar to my desktop.   However, I only seem to be getting 14 FPS when testing with cocoon's launch app for android. Which is more accurate?

    Is this a common issue? I'm hoping for some clarification.

    Secondly. Are there Test Over LAN issues with the iphone5 running IOS6? It doesn't seem to want to load, where as my Nexus 7 works fine. If anyone has run across this, or has a solution, that would be great.

    Many thanks.


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  • Because these are two completely different things.

    Testing over lan uses your phone browser and performance varies between devices. On iOs despite a very good browser, test over LAN has some performance issues. But they disappear in a production environment.

    Nexus 7 uses Chrome as browser which has a very good and accelerated HTML5 support.

    Unfortunately, when you pack your app using a wrapper like phonegap (which is supposed to use the device native browser) your performance will drop since google still keeps their webview bounded to the older, slugghish and bugged android browser with no hw acceleration and a lot of other minor issues even on Jellybean devices (Source: me, today I sweared a lot about this playing with my Jellybean tablet)

    CocoonJS is a completely different thing.

    It renders Javascript drawing calls to an OpenGL accelerated canvas. This has some advantages like a faster rendering engine (comparable to your Nexus 7 browser) and some disadvantages because as a browser emulator it doesn't support a lot of things.

    CocoonJS will be always faster than the native android WebView (HW acceleration vs SW rendering) but will be always slower than Chrome browser (it's made in google running on a google device so there's an high optmization behind)

    Another thing: Avoid very large tiledbackgrounds with CocoonJS.

  • Preview over LAN should work fine on iOS - usually it's your firewall settings that prevent it from working.

    Chrome for Android and Safari on iOS 6+ are both fairly fast browsers, but if you use the stock browser on Android it's very slow. CocoonJS is not a real browser, it's just a way of running HTML5 games which ought to be faster. CocoonJS are doing an update which fixes some performance issues soon - hopefully that will fix your FPS problem.

  • Hi Knifegrinder and Ashley,

    Thanks for the thorough responses. It was very helpful. Knifegrinder, when you mentioned it was good to avoid large tiled backgrounds with CocoonJS. Are you referring to the actual size of the image being tiled, or the number of tiles being used?


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