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  • Hi there!

    So here is chunk of "code"

    (hm, image is not displaying for some reason https://ibb.co/mB78Q7)

    My question is — is there a difference in performance that these two styles have? From what i understand left style is selectors from EFF array instances by certain condition and the right one is just a condition for already filtered instances of same array object. So if i have a single EFF instance — is there a performance difference (even slight) between these two styles?


  • Put this event inside the "Repeat 100000 times" loop, run the project in Debug Mode and see if there is any difference in CPU load and FPS.

  • Thanks, Don't know why i haven't figured it out by myself, lol))

    And yes - difference is drammatic, and i only needed like 9000 iteration cycle

    As i suspected: Left style: 38 fps, 80% cpu usage, Right: 75 fps, 70% cpu

    That explains this poor fps with so little going on on the screen.

    Also (maybe this will be usefull to anyone) i've noticed when you change the same property of an effect of Sprite obj (i ofen use "Adjust HSL") twice in same tick (for example Hue=70...Hue=85) performance drops badly, like -15-20 fps badly from a single doubled call. Ofcoarse i have fairly weak cpu (Dual Core 3.2) but still...

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  • I tried that too and also see about 30-40% difference in fps between the "Array->Value at" event and "array.at(x,y)".

    Who would have thought!

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