device motion? the W3C Device Motion and Orientation API? Cordova plugins?

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  • I'd like to know if an update is planned for construct 2 touch.

    I can use the accelerometer settings in android on my stylo 3, but on my Samsung Tab A, nothing.

    Same APK.

    Are explicit permissions needed for latest versions of Android?

    I have found construct 2 to be incredible for game development, though the pressure to switch to construct 3 is immense.

    Will I have to switch to construct 3 to be able to have the most up to date touch plugin?

  • Construct 2 and Construct 3 Touch plugins are both up to date.

    The support amongst devices for the accelerometer feature do vary though.

    If the browser cannot access the feature on a certain device, neither Construct can.

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  • Some devices are actually missing the hardware accelerometer or gyro sensors! You should look up the device specs to check.

  • The Samsung Tab A is a flagship device millions own. Yes, I downloaded an accelerometer calibration app and it works fine. It has these hardware features.

    Are there specific requirements needed for the config file to get access to the device?

    If the "browser" has access to the device hardware on one device and not another, why?

    A little help please, not just regurgitation of the manual page.

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