Is developing code for the asset store worth it?

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  • Hey everyone,

    I was curious how often c2 users purchase assets. A few years ago, it seems the c2 community was happy to share effects, behaviors, etc for free. I'm trying to gauge the worthwhile-ness of putting something on the asset store instead of simply sharing it. If nobody buys it, it sort of makes the knowledge useless right?

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  • It's been a little better than I thought it would, I wish it was a little better, but you have to take everything into account, niche, saturation, sales, etc.

    It would be nice to know what to develop, but that may be half the battle.

    Thus far I've just done stuff I think is a bit more complicated, and or could be used to make other stuff.

    Creating a full game might be a higher value, but then you go into saturation a lot quicker.

    Plugs on the other hand would have to be of exceptional quality as they have been pretty much free so far. Then you have to take C3 into account, and the chance that it will change things.

  • Lots of fees, lots of waiting...but still fun to have stuff on the market. Only way to really know is to put your asset(s) on there and see for yourself!

  • If it's something that plenty of games use and yet difficult to reproduce, then I think it's worth it. Because many people look to other games and are inspired to re-create what they have, and are possibly willing to pay for it. Or they could just ask on the "How Do I?" forums. Haha. It's all up to what people want, can't be sure of anything. Such is life as an entrepreneur....

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