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  • Hi I've been developing a few games specifically for Windows 8 and noticed a small problem with the touch plugin.

    Basically when you add an advertisement inside the html page generated by Construct 2 and you run it on a Windows 8 machine everything works fine. But if you touch and drag your finger over the ad and let go the touch ended for that particular touch never fires.

    Now basically for the game I'm making I only need to use one touch or Touch(0). What happens is the game doesn't work properly any more because when you touch the screen again it registers as Touch(1). And if you drag your finger over the ad again the same thing happens.

    Now to me this seems like a bug (which I'll probably report), but what can I do until a fix is in for this. Is it possible to reset the Touch plugin so the current touch gets set back to Touch(0)? Or maybe force it to always use Touch(0)?

    UPDATE: Also it is affecting the Metro Plugin whenever you request the user to purchase the app, the touch never ends.

    NOTE: You have to export the project as a Windows 8 project then open it in Visual Studio first. Then place the ad inside the generated html page from Construct 2.

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  • Huh... are you sure this isn't a Windows bug? In the case that you drag a touch outside the app's area it should fire a touch cancel event, because the touch hasn't ended but it will no longer update the touch. We do listen to touch cancel events and interpret them as touch ends. So it sounds like it ought to be working correctly, but maybe Windows isn't firing touch cancel when it should.

  • Yeah I'm not sure why it doesn't fire. The worst part is that the touches never get reset until the app is closed. I did try this on a couple of other games in the Windows 8 store to see if it was just me messing up somewhere but it looks like everyone who put an ad and requires the first touch suffers from the same symptom.

  • I did do a little test to see where exactly the touches are when a user touches the screen by drawing a sprite to that position. After you perform what I mentioned above the sprite appears where the last known touch occurred. If you hold it long enough it then shifts to where the new touch is. This is looking more and more like a bug with Construct 2. I will shortly post a capx so you can try it out for yourselves.

  • I'm submitting this as a bug. In the meantime I'll let you know what I find out.

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