Develop a cricket game with contruct 2

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  • HI Devs,

    I am planning to make a cricket game, something similar to Stick Cricket Premier League on PlayStore.

    I am confused whether i should use Construct 2 or some other game engine for this.Do you guys think that construct 2 has all the functionalities to be used to develop a cricket game.

    My other choice was game maker, but its lack of support made me think of construct 2.

  • 2D cricket game? sound work fine.. jump up and down, flatform endless runner.. hoping action?


    How would you implement 2d cricket, timing the ball strike and all that jazz? Have you drawn up a rough sketch of your game and how things work?

    C2 can do a lot of things, it comes down to your own talent.

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  • Yes it would be a 2D game, where user will have a predefined random target to play with and he has to achieve the same in provided overs.

    There will be no bowling option for the player, only batting.

    The layout would be somewhat like this

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