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  • linux?

    lol.,i know this one's farfetched and obviously shouldn't be prioritized this early..but it's free to dream so.

    oh well, i can wait..

  • Custom movement behavior and animations.

  • Speaking of image editors/animators, C2 will be getting brand new ones, right? As in..not 0.x's..

  • Yup, new redesigned ones.

  • ?

  • It doesn't really matter, does it? The old ones served their purpose.

  • I hope you're not going to do all the behaviors at once before getting to some other stuff. I think many things like global variables, arrays and event groups are more important than most of the behaviors aside from custom movement.

  • Ash, since when did you become the anti-Notch?

    Anyway, I hope Davo implements transparency along with the image editor and animations.

  • I don't know how construct is coded but wouldn't it make more sense development wise to get the essentials working first, like variables and full collision system before doing more feature orientated stuff like behaviors, or start an entirely new area of the program like the image editor?

    I was hoping you'd spend a long time on the image editor since construct 1's was... neh.

  • Array and hash.

    Also sprite color filter, opacity, tiled texture capability would be nice too.

  • I voted for image and animations but i like the idea of behaviors also. I get what others have said about behaviors not being as important as other things, however i think you could just have the base of it and custom movement. If that was done then people could make custom movements but other behaviors could get added later as you don't have to have all of them from V1 right now.

    It is a difficult choice though because other things on the list would be important also.

  • I voted behaviors. I see a lot of people saying custom movement but as someone that's not as code oriented, I depend on the platform, fade, top down, bullet, etc behaviors. Construct is supposed to be aimed at the casual developer, right?

    edit: Maybe casual developer is not the right choice of words. Construct is aimed at beginners first, and secondly, powerful enough for advanced users. At least that's how it seems to me.

  • I voted for behaviours, on the basis that the behaviour system will allow other people to start extending the functionality of C2. Quite a few of the old behaviours had their source files released, so the code is there to start porting them to C2. I wouldn't expect every behaviour to be done as part of Ashley's work, just the main system and a sample implementation, as some others mentioned (although, custom movement might be the most useful, something simpler might be better in the short term).

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  • I wouldn't expect every behaviour to be done as part of Ashley's work, just the main system and a sample implementation, as some others mentioned

    yeah, I think it'd be better to have 8 direction behavior or bullet behavior instead of custom movement. something easier for more to learn from, and a quicker road to the main behavior system being there

  • I was hoping for the initial behaviors to be ones that had things that couldn't be easily done with events mainly. With custom movement behavior, it can do a lot of things other behaviors do. That one alone might be enough for a while, though if bullet and 8 directional movement are quick and easy to implement, they sound good too.

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