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  • Hello, I would like to hear more details about Appbackr.

    I have a game in development that I intend to send it to Tizen competition. With the new option from C2 export I heard of Appbackr .

    Can I use it to generate .wgt file ? Can I participate to the Tizen App Challenge with the .wgt file from Appbackr ?

    Are there any hidden clauses ?

    What about:

    After I submit my app to Xchange, will I still be the "owner" of the app, or I share rights with Appbackr ?

    I've read the "Terms and conditions", but I'm still a little confused ...

  • Appbackr has nothing to do with Tizen App Challenge, but they say they help you to upload game in the store and you register App ID to enter the challenge.

    I need to know about the rights of ownership. appbackr

  • Joannesalfa, I agree it would be good to hear a little more information from appbackr about what they can do for us!

    Their terms and conditions are worth reading see here

    Section 5.2 - states that you are granting them a non-exclusive license to distribute your app.

    Section 6.3 - states that you remain the owner of all rights (including intellectual property) to your app.

    Section 3.4 - mentions the commission that appBackr receives for their services.

    I'm most interested in section 3.4. I've read that appBackr charges 10% for their services, but I'm still not completely sure what those services are.

    If we are paying the 10% for appBackr to actively promote our apps, leading to the possibility of many more downloads, then I'd say it's a worthwhile investment. If however, we're charged 10% just for hosting our apps on their website, then this doesn't seem like such a good deal!

    It would be interesting to get some further clarification on these points, appbackr?

  • Hey appbackr,

    It would be helpful to know what services / support we can expect from appbackr if we submit our apps with you?

    Do appbackr actively promote the apps on their site, or do they just host them?   

    Thanks, for the help.

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  • It would be good to know a bit more information such as resolution requirements and what control methods to use

  • Hi appbackr,

    Disappointed that we still haven't had any further news from you!

    I'd still like to submit our apps (x4) through appbackr! But it would be helpful if you could answer a couple of questions first.

    1. Your terms and conditions mention a commission payment. I've read that it's 10%. Is that figure accurate, and will it apply in this instance?

    2. If the above figure is correct, could you tell me what services we can expect from appbackr (e.g. do you actively promote games on your website, or do you just host them)?

    We just need a few more details, before we decide to submit with you.

    Thanks for your time.

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