How do you design your sprites movements?

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  • Hello there ,

    This topic is not about Construct2, but i hope i did nothing wrong if I ask here this question.

    I was wondering to how do you design your sprites movements.

    Here is one example :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I think that one of most beautiful things in a videogame is how the sprites movements works. I personally design the sprites firs in paper and after with design programs like photoshop or illustrator.

    Unfortunately it's not easy to make corret movements of the sprites. Sometimes the final work is not perfect like i wanted even if i worked on the design a lot. So, i ask you help. What are your secrets? how do you make your character movements correct ? Do you use any programs that allow your sprites to walk/jump/run properly ?

  • poser....or makehuman (free alternative)

  • For particularly large sprites, it's probably not a bad idea to make 3D models first, then animate and paint over them. It's a lot of work but at least your characters will be anatomically correct, which can be difficult without reference.

    As for the animation itself, I dunno..I've always found it to be pretty easy to figure out how something should move. If you really have to, make a "skeleton" or wireframe of the character animation first, then draw over it. It will be easier to tweak that way.

    Another "trick" is to make your entire animation in a small amount of frames, and then add "tween frames" to smooth it out. I do that a lot, especially for walking animations.

    Mike Judge once said "If you're going to be an animator, you should probably take physics classes"...or something like that..It's really not a bad idea. Learning physics can teach you how things should move and interact in the real world. Crappy example, but think of a rubber ball. It doesn't just hit the ground and bounce, it flattens out as it comes into contact with the ground, then turns into a sort of oval and moves upwards. Only when it's back in the air does it go back to its normal shape. It will probably jiggle a bit afterwards, too. A good animator will take this into account, and probably exaggerate the shaping of the ball, and maybe even add some dust particles or lines/dashes to show the ball is moving at high speeds.


  • i'm using anime studio to make smooth animations for the sprites, you just have to breake the body parts you want to animate and using the bone animation tool


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  • If the animation is complex, I do it as a series of rough liney sketches and put that into photoshop. Once the animation looks smooth like that, I'll lay down an actual figure and build up from there.

  • i tried anime studio's very useful because u can quickly import your scanned drawings or camera pictures and convert them to vectors...very nice if u don't want to spend your time with illustrator or tons of external sotfwares...really a very good product

  • ok i'm downloading the free trial right now :)

  • Ok i started to work with animestudio, but how to export as png file sheet?

  • mrsponkie i'm not so expert with animestudio but why u don't try other free alternatives ? take a look on this:

  • What are your secrets?

    There are different animation techniques. It depends on what you prefer. Frame by frame drawing, or cut out, or bone rigging?

  • I usually use 3-6 frames for animation. Im used to working with little or no computer resources. You can get some pretty good animation with 6 frames. Although I am well aware that 30 frames is really good for animation.

    This is a good website for art

  • ty mammoth,nice website...just bookmarked :D

  • try some tutorial for the anime studio

    i like this one here:

    and search some basic tutorial for how create/import images

    all you need to know its in those youtube tutorials, i just learn some few things about how the features work and then i start do mess with the program. it very simple and you can import PSD files too, dunno how, but you can

  • Ok i started to work with animestudio, but how to export as png file sheet?

    For rendering your animation:

    File, Export Animation, change output format to png, click OK, and name the file. If you want a character sheet with a similar layout to the example you posted, you must do it with an image editor. Or you can do copies of your animates character and pose it in Anime.

    Anime Studio is a really great tool. I use it intensively in my daily work, and it is really solid. It has a great script too, to export from photoshop. The main lack is that it has not tools for traditional frame by frame animation like Flash.

  • export as png file sheet

    Sorry for the question,but what is a png file sheet, and for what you need it ? Normaly Animestudio exported your animation as image sequence with alpha chanel. That is just right for me.

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