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  • Dear forum users and developers scirra!)

    I have a few suggestions for the development of your project:

    1) We must continue to improve the SS, rather than throwing it on the floor the way.

    2) It should be added (in both versions Sonstruct) in EditBox, ListBox, and similar objects, the ability to change the design object.

    3) It is necessary to renew all the features of the SS in C2.

    4) It is necessary to port the CC and C2 on the Android.

    At least I am, almost the whole day sitting on my Tablet PC, because I feel so comfortable, but not very convenient when I negomu work at CC or C2, because I'm not the main computer.

  • 1) SS? Do you mean CC (construct classic)? If so, you might have missed that there was a new version released today. :)

    2) CC already has both an edit box and a list box, C2 has an edit box built in, and a list box as a plug in. I don't know what you mean by design object, as neither version has a design object.

    3) If by SS you mean CC, they're working on it. Features take time to implement, and as such can't all be impremented immediately. Ashley's generally doing the more important ones first that don't have work arounds, like families.

    4) If you mean export to android, C2 already can export to it with phonegap. I've read that appmobi is working on android support as well for improved performance.

    As for getting CC to export to android, it's extremely unlikely. Difficulty exporting to other platforms was part of the reason why Scirra started over with construct 2.

    If you meant porting CC or C2 themselves to android, for CC it's simply not happening, and for C2 it's an unrealistic task at the moment with Ashley being the only developer. Not only are there hundreds of thousands of lines of code to port as well as user interface changes that would have to be made, coding things for android is a very difficult task due to the incredible amount of software and especially hardware fragmentation between devices. Some of them don't even have floating point units! Porting something is not as simple as it might seem!

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  • ) We must continue to improve the SS, rather than throwing it on the floor the way.

    I agree. But whats SS??

  • 1) Quick work guys =)

    And that's all Google transleyt fault error =)

    2) I was referring to font selection, the choice of images for the Edit Box and so on ...

    4) I was referring to the support of the Construct on Android =)

    Do you think I don `t know anything about port?

    And the hum ... there is an important reason why I personally chose C #, and C is not important for their projects. On it there are many tools for rapid porting.

    And by the way, many believe that C2 has menie comfortable than CC.

    And where is our favorite image editor of the CC?))))

  • We have a big todo list for C2, we're hoping to add things like the image editor tools soon.

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