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  • I've tried Phone Gap --playable A little slow but speed is OK for my game, however no sound.

    AppMobi --Touch control keeps "thouched" on for some reason. No textbox. Unplayable.

    Coocoonjs. --tried launcher, simply exits when finished loading. Unplayable.

    So what's left? I simply can't deploy the app by any "easy" means. What should I do now? The engine is highly intuitive and runs great in browsers. Maybe if speed isn't so much a consideration then AppMobi with the native browser option set might work...

  • AppMobi and CocoonJS are experimentals, not stables.

  • I know. I just wish Phonegap builds supported sound... I'd be all set!

  • When you are exporting with apmobi, you shouldn't export with the "Use direct canvas" if you are exporting to android. The Direct Canvas is only, at the moment, supported by the Iphone. For Android its just experimental.

  • I can play my game on cocoonjs, this game here:

    And it's run great with 40-60fps with full sound, touch is ok. But can't deploy it to Apk or IOS. Just play through Cocoonjs launcher.

    Anyway, we can Deploy our game to the App Store and Google Play in the near future, they are woking on it. Just wait :))

  • DirectCanvas and CocoonJS are works in progress, hopefully they'll work eventually. Are you using any third party plugins or behaviors?

    Sound should work on PhoneGap, are you sure you encoded both .ogg and .m4a versions of all your sounds?

  • farsmile90 Thanks for sharing, and great game btw, we love to see Construct 2 games running great on mobile. If it runs OK on the Launcher it will run seamlessly once our Cloud Compiler is available so that you can package it on to the App Store and Google Play.

    Sorry to hear that, we hope that soon enough our C2 plugin will work with all C2 games. If you like you can try submitting a dev support request in our contact us page and we'll try to look into it.

  • ludei: keep up the great work ludei,we'll wait for that day.

  • Today I finally managed to avoid the black screen of death on CocoonJS...

    There are some glitches on tiledbackgrounds, some crashes here and there during the game, no accelerometer support and I haven't found a way to lock the screen in landscape mode but... but.. well...

    THE PERFORMANCE IS F... AWESOME!!!! Fps are nearly double than phonegap builds, sometimes my game can reach 40fps on an average phone... and with polyphonic audio!

    I'm waiting for a release with a better integration with C2 features and in the meantime I thank Scirra and Ludei for the great work they're doing.

  • Knifegrinder Thanks, we're glad you like the performance! We know our Scirra integration isn't flawless but we're working hard at it so that soon enough all the other stuff is taken care of.

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  • ludei Thanks! I'll take you up on that. If you can help me make my game into an apk that works I'd be a happy camper! I uploaded the game to Kongrigate and it works great. It's a great place to get all the bugs out too.

    check it out:

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