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  • Hi guys,

    I've been away from the forums for a while now and I see that there were some major new changes in construct2 which now allows publishing of games to iOS, Android etc. I was wondering how does this work? I see a mention of CocoonJS and I hear it's like PhoneGap. So essentially, for the HTML5 apps it's still HTML5, but hardware accelerated? So no native publishing? Will native publishing be considered in the future or just HTML5?

    Also, does anyone know how sufficient the 5-10x speed boost is for the apps? I remember publishing with PhoneGap a little while ago (no acceleration) and the simplest games with some retinal display quality graphics, and some movement would lag badly.

    Thanks for your help, I'm excited about all the new features that Scirra has been pushing out while I've been away!


    Dengke / ValkyrieGames

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  • You can use CocoonJS and appMobi. C2 exports into a format that those two can use.

  • Directcanvas and cocoonJs are based on the same concept. They use a JS interpreter and render every draw call in a OpenGL accelerated canvas.

    On iOs the situation is now good. Directcanvas is quite stable and I'm getting a playable framerate even with a very old iPod touch 2g.

    On android I still have a lot of problems. CocoonJS is in it's early days and lacks a 100% C2 compatibility (some plugins are badly supported and some key features like accelerometer are not supported at all), Directcanvas is in a beta status and doesn't work with C2. I'm still using phonegap for testing purposes waiting for something better.

  • Hi,

    html5 to ios/android works good for simple games, but if you want to produce a high professional ios/android games for the market you have to develop native apps.

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