Dependency list for Linux?

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  • OK, i have tried this with default Ubuntu 32, and 64 bit.

    Exactly what am I missing here?

    C2 claims Linux export via Node webkit

    What Distro, and version of linux are you guys talking about?

    Scirra must test with some version and distro of linux,

    So what is it?

    What do I have to do to match Scirra's Linux?

    What does Scirra use to verify their Linux compatibility?

    Which distro did Scirra use to test with to make this claim? What version?


  • It's probably the same as whatever the requirements are for Chrome on Linux. We've tested and verified it works on Ubuntu.

  • "Right on", thank you Ashley


    I will give this a shot again, and share my findings with the community when I have succes.

    I really appreciate this, as many others will in the near future.

  • Before you run, check the permissions of the executable file, if the permissions are correct, and even then not work, try running the program with the super user command: sudo ./yourapp

    I tested on Ubuntu 10.13 Beta, and did not have to install anything, so do the steps above.

    This works for me ^^

  • RafaelHp,

    You have to run it as root? I really hope this is not the case.

    If you need to run as root then you need to change some of your permissions.

    Do you know how to chmod RafaelHp? You might need to chmod some of your binaries to allow regular users to access the dependencies that are making you use sudo.

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  • jojoe

    Yes, it was exactly what I said in my comment to you about checking the permissions, I mentioned the sudo because I did not know your level of knowledge in linux, and if you don't know how to change file permissions, could do this.

    But like I said, I didn't install anything to run the project in Ubuntu ^^

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