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  • Hi all, I am using C2 to make an RPG similar to the old Pokemon games (capture, train and battle monsters).

    I am fumbling around trying to generate interest in the game between now and when I plan to have a Kickstarter in the Spring. I have a blog where I occasionally talk about my process (below) but I was considering another option being making tutorial videos for C2 based on my project.

    I am a relative beginner, but I have managed to create a turn based battle system, a calculation to randomize critical hits and misses, an inventory system and a few other elements that people might be interested in seeing.

    Do people have any thoughts on if this is something the community might like or be able to make use of?

    Thank you,


  • personally, i dont like video tutorials at all, they will never beat the written word combined with some images!

    but i would love to read about the things youre talking!

  • Glad you are interested, writing about them is something I will definitely do anyways <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Here is the blog I forgot to link. It about the project as a whole so doesn't go into detail with C2, I'll do that separately.

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  • I believe that all forms of knowledge and information that can be passed is valid for sure. Many people will prefer video lessons, as well as the other tutorial written.

    I like both, but do whatever suits best with the time you have ^^

  • AI, inventory system, critical hits & stats in general. These are topics of great interest. I personally like video tutorials, especially the well organized ones that get things moving ,have a clear purpose and give useful/practical examples.

    So yes, I would love to see some video tutorials, and I am grateful each and every time I learn something from someone

  • I guess it depends on people. For me, I use both but at different stages. When I just found C2, I watched only the video tutorials because they showed the entire process of how C2 works. Written tutorials are perhaps harder from a newbies perspective since most of the "simple" and "obvious" steps are still unknown. So video tutorials are more effective in my mind and we really see what we will be doing, and we can follow it exactly without ever having to think "where do I find that?" or "I don't understand how to implement that". Once you are more familiar, written tutorials are more effective in terms of time.

  • Great, thank you for the feedback guys. I will start putting together a logical order for the tutorials and keep you updated.

    So far, topics I have that might be interesting are-

    Transition from over-world to town / dungeons.

    Transition to menus

    Inventory system for Monsters (a Pokemon style monster list)

    Random battle encounters

    Turn based battle system

    Monster and player stats

    Damage calculation

    Buffs and De-buffs

    Exp and leveling mechanics

    Capturing new monsters!

    Dialogues and quests

    Also I have a nice British accent that I hope will give the videos a little extra class

  • Also I have a nice British accent that I hope will give the videos a little extra class


    As I was browsing through social media I noticed that accent does a number with the ladies! I deeply regret that I can barely speak in English

  • Also I have a nice British accent that I hope will give the videos a little extra class

    Hahaha I surrender to your might charm!

  • Tutorial would be awesome, looking forward to this.

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