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  • Hello forumers,

    It would be nice to have a message box with a report about how many events/actions/instances got removed from layouts and event sheets after an object deletion from the project view.

    It could be made optional in the Construct 2 preferences in case this annoys someone.

    It could be made even better and provide an actual list of events / actions with their numbers about to be deleted.

    The reason for this is that sometimes I need to completely replace one object type in the event sheets with another ( e.g. replace one analytics plugin with another, or replace a control plugin with a custom one that for example fixes android stock browser double touch event firing ). If after deleting the original object I could see that 0 events/actions got deleted, I'd be certain I didn't miss anything.

    Perhaps something similar can be achieved now? I know about the search events feature, but it doesn't highlight anything so you would often miss object references e.g. in formulas.

    What do you guys think?

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  • Work on families instead of objects. Then you just simply add and remove object within family and event remain intact.

  • megatronx yes, but what about the problems which I described? When I have to replace a global object, e.g. control plugin or an analytics plugin? I can't abstract these with a family.

  • I think in an event sheet you can press ctrl-a and then right click and select replace object to replace all conditions and actions in the event sheet with another object easily.

  • Arima, thanks a lot! : ) But... it only seems to work with sprites. It doesn't list any global objects when you are trying to replace things.

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