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  • Hi,

    i use default construct 2 save/load feature in my project. Its mobile game exported via cordova for iOS with webview. As i spot "save failed" appears in game from time to time. Only on Mobile. On PC via web all fine. Its like short periods of time when game cannot be saved and error occurs, and then after some retries its saves successfully. Maybe someone knows what it can be? My save system now work as save each 90 seconds in one slot with overwriting. So i use only one save slot, save usually is up to 2 megabytes. So im not exceeding memory limits for localstorage for savegames.

    In logs i see that sometimes save fails for some reason and when i try again it fails again. But after maybe 10 seconds or something its saves again successfully.

    So the question is what else can affect on successfull of saving game? And is it any way to detect what exactly happened that save failed? Ashley ?

    Or maybe someone faced problem like that?

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