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  • I am aware that the current implementation of Construct 2 requires at least one instance of very sprite before the game starts. I usually create a dummy DefaultLayout which is not used that contains all the default instances.

    I created a sprite with Physics behavior and set its Collision Mask to circle on the first instance of it. I then went to another layout and dragged a new copy of the Sprite, however, it's Collision Mask was reset to "Use Collision Polygon". Shouldn't it have the config variables that I've setup initially? Those are considered the default values for every additional instance, right?

    Somehow I seem to recall this being a bug several version back sub v90, but I'm using v102 right now.

  • I would love if there was an "Apply to all instances" button for each property!

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  • When I need to change default values of objects and things I just select them in the project bar, not the actual instances in the layout.

  • you can do that? O_o

  • ya, I don't see point of doing it in layout if you're not wanting to change a specific instance.

  • sqiddster:

    I think what alspal is referring to is the fact that when you select a sprite from the Projects list or Objects list, it automatically selects all instances of that sprite on the currently active layout. At this point, changing any values on the left-hand Properties bar affects all of them. NOTE: This will only affect the currently active layout's instances of that sprite.

    Well, Construct 2 will probably not require you to drop a instance of every sprite into a layout in some future edition. However, we really need the ability to set default values for a sprite's properties.


    Create Sprite1 (don't drag to layout)

    Edit Sprite1's config to be Config1 (these should NOW be the default values whenever Sprite1 is dragged into a layout)

    Drop Sprite1 in 10 different locations.

    Drop Sprite1 another time. Edit this Sprite1's config to be slightly different, Config2.

    Continue dragging more Sprite1 instances into the layout. (They *should* still have the default Config1)

    The reason I say that is because, for all intents and purposes, the required first instance of the sprite is essentially the default one.

    I think that's the logical way to do it. For now, I suppose you could just drop Sprite1 set its config, and copy and paste it to insure you get the same config values.

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