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  • Ashley, Not sure if this should go as a feature requests or a bug... But for the first one I would say it's a bug, and second - feature request.

    1. Tables for values (Array in this example) should better adjust their size to the content. As you can see in the image, after "Port" everything is shifted to the next line for some reason. And last values are cutoff which makes it impossible to read (after "Fruit" - the one is cutted off, there are two more values not visible at all)

    2. There is no reason to waste that much of space for objects that are not present on current layout (Array_GlobalWares (0)) or have only few instances.

    Last image shows how it looks like on real life example. On 1920x1200 monitor, where game window is 1280x720. As you can see only 3 basically empty object are taking entire space on "The object list".

    sorry for the blurs but I'm not allowed to post anything about this game

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  • You should probably post these as bug reports with repro .capxs made from scratch that clearly demonstrate the problem.

  • Ashley I've added array issue to the bug section. Not sure what to do with second point - big spaces between elements. That's clearly not a bug but more like a design solution you made, and there's no point to post it as a bug. In that case I can only ask you as a request to look at this problem.

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