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    I started a new project and placed a few text objects and added a few events, and previewed in debug (inspect mode), and for some reason it showed that i was using 20-25% cpu and getting 55 fps,just for a couple of text objects and events that just change it's number. I switched to the profile option and the cpu usage went back down to 0-1% 60 fps.

    I opened another project that i had done and finished with. I always got about 11-15% cpu usage 60 fps on this project. I opened in debug(inspect), and the same issue , this time 25-30% cpu 45-50fps (as the game was a complete project with more sprites physics), and the game was slow which it wasn't before. But when i switched to the profile option, the game went back to normal, as how it was prior and the game ran smoothly again.Switched back to Inspect option and the issue occurs again.

    NOTE: In normal preview the game seems to run fine.

    This is really weird as the options in the debug menu is affecting the performance. Anyone else experiencing this?.

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  • yes.. it seams to happen for me when viewing debug items that are updated frequently. I get a huge performance hit. Its enough I can hear my fan spin up on my desktop cause the CPU is working so hard. C2 168

  • The debug view takes up a fair bit of CPU by itself just to track changes to the game data and update the debug view when things change. This is normal.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for taking notice Ashley.

    But i have not encountered such a drop in performance in debug before, as i said i previewed an already completed project when this problem came up and i was getting a performance hit that never occurred before.

    Here. &

    Did a new blank project with just 1 text object to show the fps. 1st is in inspect mode as you can see, and the 2nd immediately after switching to profile mode.

    I don't know if others have had this issue, maybe you can check with others on your team and see.


  • It's inevitable that all the extra work done by the debug inspector will affect performance, and none of that work is done by the profiler. I don't think there's anything to investigate here, it sounds normal.

  • I have noticed something else with the Debug Inspecter. Depending on if it is in the window with the program or in a separate window it will display alternate usage.

    Debug No Pop-up Inspect:


    Debug Pop-up Inspect:


    Since you're saying that the Debug itself might be reading as high on cpu usage just by being there. Using it as a Pop-up Window of it's own might be having it read just the project itself in inspect and not the Project+Debugg for Usage times.

  • Ashley I am quite sure that after some point it got worse, as in around v160 debug preview used to show very close values to normal preview in-game debug texts I have placed. But after a point it got very bad, there is considerable difference between the two. It is as if debug preview is not usig GPU and putting all the load to gpu even when it says webgl mode. When I go home I will try to install an old version and try to see if it is version related.

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