how to debug an error if crashes are coming in ANR console

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  • Hi recently have uploaded my app in the google play , but on some devices its seems stuck in the middle of loading. Then it seems get crash , i am unable to find why its crashing because all my devices which i have are working perfectly fine and well. Could some one tell me what is the best way to do it?

    My app is story based children app which means i have so many sound files around 30 , and one small music file.

    Total : 9.95 MB of media files i have including music.

    My images are :12.5 MB

    I am totally lost how to debug this error , my configuration settings has

    Preload Sounds : Yes

    below is the error one of the user has reported to me through ANR

    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
    Build fingerprint: 'samsung/lt02wifixx/lt02wifi:4.4.2/KOT49H/T210XXBNI1:user/release-keys'
    Revision: '7'
    pid: 5861, tid: 5886, name: WorkerPool/5886 >>> <<<
    signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR), fault addr 77d022c8
    r0 7bf24708 r1 40263540 r2 40263540 r3 ef6f595c
    r4 77d42328 r5 7bf24708 r6 40238c51 r7 40135384
    r8 7bf24718 r9 00000001 sl 00000001 fp 00000000
    ip 00000003 sp 77d022d0 lr 40567747 pc 40238c50 cpsr 00070030
    d0 676e654c29286874 d1 2d6d616572747320
    d2 724665646f636544 d3 3431303220656d61
    d4 4010000000000000 d5 bebbb63036c79c05
    d6 000000a072bea4d0 d7 43200000000000a0
    d8 3f8000003f800000 d9 0000000000000000
    d10 0000000000000000 d11 0000000000000000
    d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000
    d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
    d16 0000000100000001 d17 4000000000000000
    d18 4000000000000000 d19 3fc986d327d54580
    d20 3fc551b779af12e5 d21 bf66bbe9530cccae
    d22 3fc8adc3e03ae00c d23 40c0000000000000
    d24 3f95c966ebf3f9e8 d25 bf95c966c155d531
    d26 402213664f3f26db d27 4000000000000000
    d28 3ffcea4783f8a3fe d29 bfcc400000000026
    d30 3ff0000000000000 d31 40c3880000000005
    scr 60000010
    #00 pc 00084c50 /system/lib/ (register_android_graphics_Typeface(_JNIEnv*)+23)
    #01 pc 01ba415d /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack (deleted)
    code around pc:
    40238c30 0002b722 ffffffa0 23064903 44794a03 
    40238c40 f7cd447a bf00b8fd 00023a8c 0003310c 
    40238c50 6880b508 69996803 bd084788 6880b508 
    40238c60 69d96803 43014788 2000bf14 bd082001 
    40238c70 43f7e92d 46164680 2900460f 2a00d131 
    40238c80 6880d03f 23002200 0901f04f f8cd6801 
    40238c90 68cd9000 460447a8 f1b5460d bf083fff 
    40238ca0 3ffff1b4 4818d104 f7b94478 e016ec94 
    40238cb0 0008f8d8 6802463b 9000f8cd 463268d1 
    40238cc0 f1b14788 bf083fff 3ffff1b0 ebc4bf18 
    40238cd0 d1120400 4631480d f7b94478 4638ec7c 
    40238ce0 6880e010 689c6803 1e0447a0 4808dc07 
    40238cf0 46224631 f7b94478 ea24ec6e 462074e4 
    40238d00 4610e000 83fee8bd 00023ac4 00023ab9 
    40238d10 00023abb 2200b513 24006880 94006803 
    40238d20 230068d9 f1b14788 bf083fff 3ffff1b0 
    code around lr:
    40567724 4604460d f50d6809 68332080 6b0f3014 
    40567734 46286003 463747b8 682ab1f0 6b564628 
    40567744 686347b0 46064298 6821d101 6820e00b 
    40567754 fe64f018 4630b126 fe6ef018 e0004601 
    40567764 e8844631 68280042 68c34632 47984628 
    40567774 bf1842b0 e02c2600 f7d54668 682afc47 
    40567784 4628a905 f44f68d6 47b02280 4602a905 
    40567794 f7d54668 682bfcf3 69194628 28004788 
    405677a4 9e03d0ed 42866860 6821d101 6820e00b 
    405677b4 fe34f018 4630b126 fe3ef018 e0004601 
    405677c4 e8844631 46680042 fc5cf7d5 f7d54668 
    405677d4 f50dfd23 46302180 680a3114 429a683b 
    405677e4 f797d001 b007eefc 2d80f50d bf00bdf0 
    405677f4 00121418 fffff358 7a00edd1 0ae7eef7 
    40567804 0b00edc0 0a01ed91 1ac0eeb7 1b02ed80 
    40567814 0a02edd1 2ae0eeb7 2b04ed80 1a03edd1 
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