Dead-Low FPS on iOS

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  • I am now working on an app for toddlers that contains ten simple games.

    (current version may be viewed here )

    At first the game was created at 2048*1152. Since my layouts were very heavy, even after optimization, I scaled the entire game down to 1024*576 . After scaling C2 indicated memory usage of 60Mb, which sounds reasonable.

    At this point run an FPS Test (on the web version):

    Desktop - w/webGL = 60fps, drops to 40 upon loading a heavy layout, and recovers to 60 instantly.

    Android (Galaxy2) - canvas2d renderer: 55-69 fps on lobby screens and while playing. Drops to 1fps upon loading a heavy template, but recovers instantly.

    iPad mini and iPhone4 (canvas2d renderer) on lobby screens it shifts up and down 1-20 fps. Upon loading any game drops to 1fps and stays there for ever

    Any ideas how to proceed?

    I will also appreciate it if someone could test the game with iPhone5/5s and post the fps results (there is a debug text object on screen). Thnx.

  • You are compiling it with CocoonJS or just loading it via the browser?

  • I tried it on my iPhone 5 (running 6.1.4) and it runs fairly well. the title screen and lobby start off slow but quickly recover and get up to 60 fps. The puzzle game goes down to 6 fps while I drag pieces around, and goes up in the high 40s the rest of the time.

    the maze runs at 11 fps. connect the dots around 16. the music game (my favorite!) starts around 50 fps, when the music starts it drops to 16 - and there is a slight stutter as the different parts start or stop.

    The animations look great! you are off to a great start - I am sure kids will love it!

  • - the tests are based on the web version - but I had same slow results on earlier Intel xdk build.

    AllanR - thanks much for the data How is the audio response/ (Simon on the indoor lobby and KidsBand on the outdoors lobby)?

    Any ideas how to improve fps on weaker iOS devices?

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  • The response is good on the Simon game (the FPS was pretty low but it was playable - averaged around 11 FPS), and going back and trying the kids band the second time was better than the first time I tried. FPS were higher (40s and 50s) and there was very little stuttering when the different parts started or stopped like the first time - the response was pretty good, but only the top half of the buttons were showing at the bottom of the screen because they are too far down - and that makes it slightly hard to press them...

    the connect the dots had the same problem with things getting cut off at the bottom of the screen. I could do the drum, but I could not get the guitar started because the first dot was off the screen.

    For the most part, the games were playable. If the FPS wasn't showing, I would have thought things were a little sluggish at times, but not too bad.

    I don't have enough experience yet with mobile to offer any suggestions - other than keep things as small and simple as possible...

    and I would expect using cocoonjs would make things run a little faster from what I have read on other threads (if you can get past the bugs).

  • Thank again AllanR . That's very helpfull.

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