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  • Sup everyone ?

    i just came across of the idea of a "Cutscene Editor".

    As a idea : You can play the cutcene with the Player Sprite and stuff , and record it so it will be played later in the game exactly how you "played" it.

    I hope you know what i mean

    Would be a very interesting thing in my opinion , what do you think ?

  • you mean play it like a video?

    I wish if there an easy way to make cutscenes in C2, some guys make it with spriter software and with great result.

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  • I kind of see how it could be useful, I guess it is doable manually if you define the position of everything with equations relative with time on both axis, but it is troublesome (except if you are passionate with useless maths usage =p).

    I did think about a way to record the sprite position every tick in an array, as well as the time, then just read it and interpolating between positions with time, never actually did it (every time I want to do it I am away from C2 somehow).

  • When I first started looking into C2, I had this idea of creating a real time animated cartoon that could easily be displayed in a browser without being a video or Flash. I still have this idea as well, and would still love to see some type of cinematic maker for HTML5/Javascript.

  • well maybe RexRainbow or some other want to try to make it as a plugin

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