Currently using 40k x 40k pixel size layout... going to 100k

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  • Hi there

    I'm currently making an 2D open world SCI-FI RPG thriller game, absolutely loving Construct 2 for this project (I use CRYENGINE for 3D stuff).

    Currently I am using a layout of 40k x 40k (40,000 x 40,000) for the main city level, however there is a segment with a long chase scene at high speed...

    Originally I planned to have a transitional point placed where the player would be taken to another "level" that is essentially just a continuation of what they were already playing in/on... but since I haven't seen any draw backs at 40k x 40k pixels layout... and I hear that since Construct 2 only renders what is on screen at any one moment (ignoring logic and on-going processes), it should be ok to boost it up to say 100k x 100k without much/any drawbacks? (Apart from filling in and populating all that space! but don't worry about that, I'm doing well so far )

    Many thanks!

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  • The "high speed" part would be the most questionable.

  • The "high speed" part would be the most questionable.

    Hi, when I say "high speed" I mean a car object at "400" speed, and being chased by a flying object above, at about the same speed... there will be other vehicles on the road as "bullet" objects, traveling at about 250/300 speed in a straight line.

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