What is the current state of exporting/compiling?

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  • Hi, I have a quick question that I hope isn't out of place.

    I was wondering what the current state of being able to compile and run games on various platforms is like using Construct 2.

    Specifically, I'm wondering about the following platforms:

    Windows (XP and up)

    Mac (OSX)

    Linux (if any?)



    Ideally I would like to be able to get any games made with Construct 2 on all those operating systems but from comments on the internet it seems that there are issues with creating games for some platforms?

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  • For web no issues, html5 will do the trick (still risk of having browsers issue, like the infamous chrome bug that ruins the game due to it ruining the smoothness of the game), but that is rather a web issue that affects not only C2 But canvas in general with chrome.

    All the others are just wrapping the web game inside a browser that looks like an executable, basically, the current "better way" (as defined by the community experience I gathered) seems to be:

    Windows (Xp and up): Node Webkit 10.5

    Mac OSX : Node Webkit 10.5 (may need some adjusting)

    Linux : also node webkit 10.5, but I am not an expert on how to make it actually work, some people seems to have issues making it run

    iOS : CocoonJS Webview+ (by ludei) seems to be the best on iOS8

    Android : either the fixed crosswalk 7 version, or cocoonJS canvas+ (by ludei)

    Why crosswalk 7 and node webkit 10.5 rather than the latests ones: there is currently (7 months already I think) a nasty bug in the chromium base that basically ruins your game, and those version did not inherit the bug.

    Hope that sums it up.

    Also, apart from ludei's wrapper, do not expect any big performances gain after exporting compared to the web (there might be due to the fact the latest chrome is uhhh... but be careful keeping in mind that it is actually still a web game, just looking like an executable)

  • So the game will compile and run on everything, I just have to use different tools when compiling and exporting?

    If so, that is great news! And I will cross that bridge when it's time. I just didn't want to get too far in to development only to find out that my game won't run on certain platforms.

  • It is not that easy, while you have basically the same base that is interpreted (for exemple, node webkit will end up as an .exe with a bunch of files), each of those wrappers can have issues (as not developped nor maintained by scirra), so be careful to test often if you can, some people have a lot of performances issues, so reading on those forums might be something you want to do first.

  • Are there any particular behaviours or extensions that are problematic?

  • arrjayjee

    AFAIK platformer behaviors are very demanding

    and physics works terrible in Crosswalk [Android]

    and Construct 2 use only 1 CPU core

    and just remember: if you will have any problems with 3rd party wrapper, you will only hear advice about waiting for better future.

  • I'm not using physics but I am making a platformer. I guess I will have to take care.

  • If you've found a performance problem in the Platform behaviour, PLEASE post a bug report!

    Or is this just speculation?

  • Currently physics just refuses to work smoothly for me. I sent an email to Ashley a few days ago to see if I've done something to hinder performance. Just seems to be something in general that is difficult to get right, so I say stay away for now.

  • DatapawWolf, ever since the 'update' to the physics engine in r196 the performance has been a little janky.... Only if your machine isn't NASA spec!

  • Colludium, exactly! I wasn't thinking of bringing that up in this thread for fear of crying wolf, but yes, I noticed it as soon as I updated my game to that version. It was BAM bank where there never was any.

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