Is there a way crossfade/blend sprite anim?

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  • hi,

    just wondering if there's a way to cross-fade sprite animations. Or create a blend-mode between the frames that could help smooth the animation. I could try to do it on the animation end, but was just wondering if it could happen in C2 or if anyone created anything like that (as an add-on). thanks..

  • jobel , I am afraid that since Sprite animations are, in essence, just sequences of individual images, there isn't a way to blend frames from one animation to an other.

    If you choose to go with cutout animation style however, Spriter supports animation blending and/or weighting.

    With the default Sprite animation route, you could build a system with inbetweening animations from specific key poses/frames within an animation that will transition to other animations. However, if you want a "snappy" result, you'll have to use many, many transitional animations... It will be very hard and, depending on the frame number and size, system taxing endeavor.

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  • okay thanks eli0s, makes sense, I doubted there was a way do it with official C2 behaviors.

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