Crop fullscreen causing problems with non-scrolling layers?

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  • I think I never really used the "Crop" option for the "Fullscreen in browser" setting before. Now that I have need of it, I noticed that objects on layers with a "Parallax" setting of 0,0 get displaced.

    To test this you can simply open the top-down shooter template in Construct 2. The project does have a text object on a non-scrolling layer placed in the top left corner. It does display fine in all fullscreen modes (apart from what you expect to happen when using Scale inner/outer) but "Crop". The text will not show at the top left corner anymore, but appear displaced inside the game area.

    This appears to be a glitch to me.

  • Can confirm this.

    When simply setting the "crop" option and touching no other options the UI Layer in the Top-down shooter template seems to be offset. In the debug it says it has an offset of Viewport Left -640 & Viewport Top of -66.

  • Since nobody seems to object and declare that this is somehow by design for the "Crop" setting, I went ahead and made a bug report.

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  • We have the same problem. I had to use "CanvasToLayerX/Y" to adjust the static UI pieces to fit the screen. Like this:


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